Guess the Super Early Bird Price for MIRACO's 16GB RAM Model!

Attention scanning enthusiasts! :mag: The World’s Lightest Standalone 3D Scanner- MIRACO, comes with 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM. Can you guess the Super Early Bird Price for the 16 GB RAM model?

Pre-order MIRACO now on our official website:

Official Global store: Revopoint MIRACO: Big and Small Object Standalone 3D Scanning
US Store: Revopoint MIRACO: Big and Small Object Standalone 3D Scanning

Looking at the super early bird prices for previous scanners, I can’t help but think this is going to be $7??.

$750 Early Bird Price :wink:

$9.99 super-super-early bird :grin:

Just looking for the numbers, they tell me I can guess whatever I want, but it gonna be extreme anyway =) Maybe I shouldn’t sell Range in hope to get onto that train )) But managed to see the topic only today.

I would also vote for 750 - in case of -40% it might be 1250 USD as a full price that sounds both a bit pricy, but still more or less real.

Hi Ignat , I spent $750 on my first Revo Scanners and over $350 on android phone as scanning companion … $1100 , then my first scanning job yield $800 …no complains

You think $1250 is too much ? Not for what you get … compared with any of the early scanners… now you get 2 scanners plus Android system with touch screen in one… and the results are as good as from PC after processing …

So even at $850 early bird it would be just ok price … but it will be probably $750

I actually think it is a bit of a serious boost over general Revopoint scanners’ price. Agree, we have 2 in 1 that is really interesting, and yes, the idea of having a smartphone integrated into the scanner was floating in the air and it’s good Revopoint has picked it up - sure it is VERY convinient to have a scanner that doesn’t need to be wired, connected, “software-launched” etc. But I wouldn’t be talking it a way “if you buy a smartphone and a scanner it would cost” - everybody have a smartphone by now. Sure it raises the production cost of the device, but it sounds like 100 USD even for a smartphone a a product, not a production cost.

Also, 3D scanners tends to get their prices lower and lower each year due to competition.

Considering “scanning job yields” - here it might be about 100 USD at best, so that makes it a different point of view. But yes, it’s not a Revopoint’s fault =)

So I’d say I just thought that super early price was to be 550-600 USD max, but it gonna be just it gonna be.

Though there is one thing in my assumption that made me make a mistake - national currency drop by 25% since Range. We all tend to compare prices in our currencies, and comparing to that the boost from IIRC 400 USD for Range to 750 is considerable, but not to that degree.

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I see your personal point of view here …

I don’t control the prices so it gonna be what it gonna be … but we welcome here to debate and have all own opinions on stuff …

MIRACO is little bit of a comfort and a little bit of luxury … one go to work with a bike other with a car … the way to success reminds the same regardless what you use , it only differ how you use your tools .

I hope everyone find the right price for their budget and pocket … after all I wish everyone get one as it is worth it … and so much fun !


The price will be different if your are already a good customer :innocent:

I think it should cost a Mini and a Pop2, I’ve bagged them up ready to post when this is confirmed :rofl::rofl::rofl: