ZERO success with my unit


I was really looking forward to this coming out, I kickstarted way back when and had some great ideas with what I wanted to do with it. However, I have had literally ZERO success with my unit since I got it, literally every single scan has either failed, scanned incorrectly, not scanned at all, lost tracking… the list goes on.

The only scan I managed to get to remotely resemble what I scanned was my daughters face, however it was bumpy and distorted. I saw that calibration could be an issue, so I’ve calibrated my unit, twice, still awful. I know that people are saying its a skill you need to learn, but I should have statistically done a decent scan by accident now. Is my unit faulty or something? Where do I stand? Have I got to pay to ship it back to China, wait 3 or 4 months to get it back again or what?

I see videos of the Revopoint staff literally scanning an item perfectly and I wonder, how in the hell have they done that? Because my device certainly doesnt…

So, I have tried:

Calibration (twice)
Marker (doesnt seem to do anything)
Feature (loses track constantly)
Face (this is the only thing that worked with my daughters face scan, but still not great)

I’ve been trying to scan Funko Pop figures, they’re small enough and have quite a bit of detail on but I am failing miserably and close to just giving up. Does anyone have any help or advice? Revopoint, is my unit faulty and how do I find out?

Thank you


You have given no details of what you actually do to make a scan.


The best way to help you would be to share a video of you scanning a thing, maybe a screen record of revo scan would be good.

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@mighty_joe2001 well we don’t know what is going on with your device , but we can help you and see if you do the things right , as other stated it would be nice at least to see your screen shot of Revo Scan while scanning anything … then I could see what is wrong .

I did so many scans of anything already and it get only better , so let’s find out what is going on

BTW you can check my thread , plenty of previews and some tips

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Not got much to add at this point, but thought I’d mention that while I was messing around with my Pop2 (arrived this morning), I scanned a Funko head and it worked well (worked even better with a re-cast that had no black paint on. Pop no like black.)

Tracking can be fun sometimes, it seems. One of my tests was a glossy, cup-like object and it couldn’t track that in feature mode. I slapped some blu tak blobs on in a diagonal line and then it tracked fine. Easy to erase on an object like that - Meshmixer, paint select the blobs and “erase and fill.”


I presume your POP2 came with the Agrippa bust? Practice with that bust until you can “do it blindfolded”. When I started with the POP1, I did the same things as you’re doing and felt the same anguish you’re feeling. It really is a matter of slowing down and learning the process. It was probably a month before I began getting good scans with the POP1, but it happened because I figured if all these other guys can get good results, then so can I. When the POP2 came along, I could really appreciate the improvements. As the software has matured, the scans have been better and the post processing has gotten easier. Watch videos from actual users and practice. This little scanner does an amazing job, but like any new tool, you have to learn how to use it and practice to use it well.


Yes Jim, if you know nothing about , trial and error are your best friends .

@mighty_joe2001 get the new upgrade New Windows Revo Scan

you will have all automatic options , it is bullet proof already

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Hi all,

Apologies for not giving much information about my scans etc, I wrote that post out of extreme frustration! I will keep practicing and if I’m still getting in trouble a few weeks down the line I will record some videos and post up.

Thanks for all thats been said, I will go through the posts you’ve mentioned and keep plugging away at it to get better! Theres a lot of information and tips in that post for me to work my way through.##

Again, apologies for the lack of information

Many thanks


Yep… already used it and I love it!

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Talk about frustration: First Impression of the POP 2, not overwhelming :laughing:
I think the key is: don’t give up. If the frustration and disappointment gets to much, leave everything, go out and find something to break :smiley: or curse loudly :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Then, the next day or so, go back and try again :blush:


@Eldkatten :joy: :joy: :joy:
That is a very good workflow , you can’t rush with this one :cold_sweat:

can anyone provide good videos to follow ?

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