Wouldn't it be easier to just send a CD with a key?

I have about 10 links in email and my computer is constantly requesting me to call but all I need is a CD key. When I sign into my account there is no info.
Wouldn’t it be easier to just send a CD with a key?

Hi @moonlunar1 ,

This is the beta version. We will find another easier way for users to get the key.

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What if you just used the number on the back of the unit and the box it’s in so you can track or deactivate units that have been sold or stolen?

I’ve had issues with software that did that in the past. If for any reason you lose access to the account, the hardware is effectively worthless. If they go that route, I’d hope they at least had some automatic deactivation feature that would set in at some point so that you could reactivate it elsewhere if it’s been that long…

This software has nothing to do with the hardware, it is 3d editing program , same as Meshlab or cloud compare .

You don’t need it to use the 3D scanner at all.

The thing is… Revo Scan is almost useless without the hardware that Revopoint sells.

Revo Studio could be used by anyone, so I understand Revopoint wanting their hard work to be utilized by actual customers who have bought a scanner.

Still and all, having the software be activated by a one time connection to a scanner is a lot easier than arranging for a CD key.

Or by reading the registry for something put there by Revo Scan.

Since when you need to connect the scanner to activate Revo Studios ?
Last time I activated my version , there was no scanner connected .

Just curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You do not.

I was suggesting that this would make the process automatic, while still protecting Revopoint’s intellectual property.

That make sense Jeff , it would be much easier for the customer .

And for Revopoint’s customer support staff.

When they first started this with the original format (by making a request here in the forum), I was handling dozens of requests each day. I ran out of CD keys to provide just as they were transferring the task to internal personnel.

I know, Cassie told me , that was insane task with so many people’s requests.