[Windows] Revo Scan V4.1.1.20220930b

Dear users,

The new version of Revo Scan for Windows V4.1.1.20220930b has been released. Please download it at the link below. If any bugs to report or any questions, please feel free to let us know.


  1. Added“Automatic” function to control the Dual-axis Turntable.
  2. Added “Batch Delete” and “Delete completely” functions in Model List.
  3. Supported PLY, OBJ, and STL formats when exporting batch-processed models.

① Fixed the bug that the Revo Scan crash occasionally after long-time operations.


Team Revopoint


This update is failing to install for me. Using Windows 10 on a fairly new laptop.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. I guess I’ll just keep the older version I’ve got.

It is recommend to uninstall or close the old version before installing the new version as that is the problem you experiencing, it can’t upgrade old files while it is still running .
Use Task Manger to manually close the application , or reboot and try to install again .

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Thanks, I don’t have the old version running when I attempt to install the new one. I suppose I’ll try to uninstall the old version first and see if that works.

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if you can’t uninstall it manually then reboot your laptop and try again .

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The image immediately below the quoted text refers to adb needing to be updated. adb (aka Android Debug Bridge) is a communications tool installed on Windows machines to allow for debugging, sideloading, management, etc. on Android devices, so I am inclined to think you are using the wrong installation package.

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@JeffLindstrom ADB is how RevoPoint is doing the firmware updates. I think that their scanners are running a primitive version of Android OS.

@Thin_Film restarting your computer should allow the new version to install. ADB runs as a service in the background. You can also kill it with a command line, but just easier to restart your computer as ADB is not a “startup service” in Windows.


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Leider keine Deutsche Sprache nach dem Update auf xxx930b. Habe es mehrmals gelöscht und neu Installiert, ohne erfolg.

@Revopoint3D-Gena according to user the last build is missing German language
Just so you know !

hello ive tried using the previous software versions, along with this one to try to connect my dual axis. the mini is reading properly but i cant get dual axis to connect. do you have to set it up in bluetooth connections first? or only in the revoscan software? ive tried just about everything i can think of, note, on both my laptop and pc, the green light continues to flash after inital bluetooth connection in windows. but on my android once i connect to the dual axis bluetooth it stays solid green, but the android app doesnt seem to control it. i use the arrows below start and stop and nothing moves. thanks in advance

Best way to not pair the dual axis to your computer or phone , MINI have Bluetooth that will connect with the Turntable via Revo Scan .
Connect MINI to Revo Scan , turn on the Dual Axis , and click on the Dual Axis settings to find it and connect it to Revo Scan .
You don’t need to have Bluetooth ON on your PC , it will works via MINI

Android app can’t connect to DATT , you can use it with Android app DATT Controller from the forum .

thanks for the info. good to know the mini handles this. ive tried several revo scan softwares to try and update the mini’s firmware but it keeps saying it is the latest at v2.8.23.20220817 but im being told there is newer firmware available. i only see the ready status at the bottom of the page, nothing for the datt

revoscan version

@dooms94 this is not the last Revo Scan build , the last is 4.1.1
You will find it on top of this thread !
Screenshot 2022-10-07 154609

Regarding the firmware
The last one is :
Screenshot 2022-10-07 154708

It is possible they shut down the update server due to the holidays , they are back to work tomorrow .
If the software saying it is the last firmware then it is definitely that reason , they was not around to provide the proper support in case you have issues with the upgrade.

You will not see any DATT or Stabilizer settings until your firmware is updated.

I agree it isn’t the most current. I’ve been chatting via email with tech support and the lady recommended to try that build to no avail. Good idea on them shutting the server down. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow or Monday. I’m not going to wait too long to try and get this fixed though as my return window on Amazon is closing by the day and I don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t do what it advertised it did. I’m sure it’s something simple. But not a great start for me unfortunately to this product

It is a mess and it was truly not necessary from the beginning .
I never had any issues updating all my devices or run the DATT, but you know what? I don’t like the way .it works , it do not provide proper meshes while using the DATT from the software .
So the community go ahead and created own apps to control it , one is for Android DATT Controller , and other is HTML app you can use on your PC via browser , and they both delivers perfect results each time without the need of firmware upgrade and works on all platforms including phones, Mac, windows etc …

so while you wait try one of the apps to run your DATT

Hi all, updating firmware issue has been fixed by the team now.

Please download the latest version of Revo Scan and update the firmware to use the dual-axis turntable.

Another good news is that the latest Revo Scan for Windows(Mac’s will be available soon) added a new feature: The dual-axis turntable can be manually controlled now, you can stop or start the turntable anytime you want, and you can set the angles anytime you want too.

Here is an article that might help.

? Previous version is ok

Hi wuidling, please screenshot the firmware version and software version if the scanner still can connect to Revo Scan.