[Windows] Revo Scan - V4.1.0.20220909c

Dear users,

The new version of Revo Scan for Windows V4.1.0.20220909c is updated. Now you can download the new version from our official website or the link below.


  1. Fixed the problem that the firmware updating stucked at 20%.

Please read The Dual-axis Turntable Quickstart Guide below for reference.

Best Regards,
Team Revopoint


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Thank you Selina for the memo :grinning::+1:

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Looks like my issue where the firmware update gets stuck at 50% and then an odd error message appears is still present, but that’s ok, I’m sure it’ll get sorted in time :slight_smile:


Is there anything I can provide log-wise that might be of assistance?

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I always have the same problem , the dual axis table does not connect , software version is the latest and the scanner firmware is v2.8.33.20220903 , algorithm version v7.6.9.0816

I wish there was a function that would allow me to manually turn on the turntable. When I have done a scan I can’t do another one because there is no function to turn the turntable on again.

E.g. a button “turntable on” so that it just spins all the time.

Is there something in planning @Revopoint3d-Selina ?


Same. I can’t believe how under baked this software is. There are BASIC user interface concerns, and it seems like no user testing has happened.

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Finally had a chance to try this version again, I followed the instructions and cancelled the firmware update dialog that showed up on start, and instead started it from the Cog dialog.

And the verdict is, the firmware is now upgraded! Now to see if it is working…


What’s the status on the Mac version?

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Did you upgrade successfully? And the Bluetooth just doesn’t show up?
Please provide a video showing the problem. So that we can see how to help. Thanks!

I am not sure. But I have forwarded this to our R&D team.

We did have a beta version. But the time between the official version released and the beta version released was too short. We will improve on that.

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Hopefully, we can have it tomorrow. But I am not sure. We will update you on the forum.

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What would you improve? What bothers you? Concise feedback helps Revopoint improving things. “Basic UI concerns” is a bit vague.

SphaeroX’s point is valid, starting/stoping/reversing the turntable would be helpful.
I managed to open a previous scan and continue the scan. (but you need to complete the current scan, close it and load it again… that’s not very user friendly ;))

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Normally, I’d be agreeing with you. I hate it when people criticize and don’t offer solutions.

However, in this case the only solution is “Don’t use this product”. I should have been more explicit.

I’d have to do hours of work with no real communication with the dev team, product managers, and other stakeholders. My solutions would be a ground-up redesign of the software, an overhaul of the marketing to show the realities of 3D scanning, and changes to the hardware to facilitate a useful workflow. That isn’t very appealing to me, and I imagine would not be implemented at the scale needed to address the issues.


When will the Mac version support the Turntable? It’s quite frustrating to not have access to all features…


Yes please update Mac version for turntable support or release an update to control via Bluetooth

I am not able to save files on revoscan. Can you please assist?

At the bottom of the right side, you can find the Export button. However, you can only save files after a Fuse operation (for PLY and OBJ formats) or a Mesh operation (PLY, OBJ or STL formats).

If you used a computer (Windows or iMac), the raw data files are saved in sub-folders under your default file folder (click on the Model List button). The icons under the Progress/Status bar tell you if the files have been Fused or Meshed. Click the box at the left to select Project Names (the default will start with "model-[year-month…]). Once selected, click on Batch Processing at the lower right. Accept the default settings for “Fast Speed” or “High Accuracy” if you want, or choose “Custom” to change as you prefer. Then, click “Process” at the top right of the popup. When done, click on Export.

Note that, if you are using a smartphone (Android or iPhone), you must at least Fuse the raw data and Export that or your scan data will be lost.

There seems to be a continuing bug in Revo Scan (I’m using where the Location specified in the “Multi-language switch” is not recognized under the Scan and Model List panels, so it is possible that your scans are still available on your computer, but not stored where you are expecting them. If you have a File Manager such as Altap Salamander (free), you can search for files all over your computer within a specific data range.