[Windows] Revo Scan - V4.0.2

Dear all,

We updated the Revo Scan to V4.0.2, here is the download link:

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The download link redirects to revopoint3d.com Cant seem to find any actually working links for the newest windows version of the software.

Once you click , it starts downloading and redirects back to the topic , I just tried , it works .

I tested all the other downloads and had no issues. Still getting a redirect with this file.

I am using Windows/Chrome the files are saved under Chrome/download folder in my case.
I must admit it never was like that before , but still working for me.

In place of clicking , right click and save link as, it will open a window tab where you want to save the files .

Ok I was able to download from my phone. So ill be able to get it onto my pc from there no problem. Still super weird that Im running into this issue. Appreciate the help though.

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Would it be a big problem if during updates the new version kept the settings from the previous one?
Mainly the project folder and the previous scan list?

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One more thing - is there a change log?
Please - you have to release a change log for each new version.
Some of us want to actively help you develop, but for this to work you have to tell us what you’ve been working on - without it you’re forcing us to perform all our tests every time a new version is released and frankly it’s a waste of time :confused: