[Windows| Mac] Revo Scan V5.0.7

Hi everyone. The next version of the Revo Scan V5.0.7 is now available on the official website.

Download it at: best 3d scanning software -revo scan 5


  1. Adds support for scanner firmware upgrades.
  2. Adds support for batch import of old projects without affecting the user’s other operations during the import process.
  3. Updates the algorithm for marker point scanning.
  4. Adds an option to switch the scanner’s CPU temperature reporting between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  5. Optimizes the manual editing panel.
  6. Provides two-point cloud fusion methods with RANGE scanner
  7. Resolves fusion and rough stitching issues for small objects scanned with RANGE scanner.
  8. Adds software upgrade notification feature.
  9. Optimizes the colors of detected marker points during scanning.
  10. Improves model display effects (New OpenGL display Shader )
  11. Adds a “Click to scan” prompt on the Preview page.

Please post your feedback and suggestion to this thread : Leave your feedback & suggestions on the Revo Scan 5.0

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team