[Windows/Mac] Calibration Software Beta Version

Beta Software for calibration POP2 , MINI Beta and MINI Only

Dear users,
Please check out the below links to download the Calibration software for Windows(V1.0.2.31) and Mac(V1.0.1.17).

Note: It is not recommended to calibrate a new scanner.

Please use the specific calibration board together with the scanner.



Revo Calibration- Revo Calibration is a calibration software designed for portable 3D handheld scanners. With Revo Calibration, you can re-calibrate the scanner and reset the internal parameters of the camera. It guarantees the precision of the MINI remains the same as the factory standard, ensuring you a high-quality and accurate 3D model every time.

Tutorial Video: Revopoint POP 2 calibration - YouTube

User Manual of Revo Calibration:

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