Which smartphone works the best with POP2?

I m looking for the best smartconfig for mobile scanning. For now the Samsung S20+ didnt deliver an easy outcome. The gyroscope didnt work properly I guess, so there might be some tricks in how to setup the ultimate workaround. I come from mobile scanning with 3D Live Scanner.

The app don’t care about your phone gyroscope , it is only for processing the data that is already performed inside POP2 for measuring the distance and volume of your object , the position does not matter .
The only reason for you to update a mobile phone is RAM , how more RAM your mobile phone have how better and lots of internal memory . since POP2 is hungry for RAM , get more than 8GB RAM if you can .
Remember POP2 is not an phone app scanning your stuff , it is a laser 3D scanner and you need to develop your own workflow with it , it needs dedication and patience , you can’t just run around with it and scan random objects you wish , it is not a photogrammetry , it is laser based . Try first with the bust and turntable to get comfortable before you jumping into heavy stuff .

There are no ultimate workflow or tricks as each objects needs own specific attention and planning before scanning to have perfect results .
I suggest you to watch some videos on youtube to give you some idea .

It is under IR laser scanning technology , can still damage your retina if you looking into for too long , it is light weight but still not 100% safe . BTW POP2 is using 2 technology together .

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Thank you for your input. Its just a bit too rough the way you talk but your solutions feel great.

Sorry don’t mean to be rude , I am here to help so if you want any help , be polite as well . I am not paid for doing that and that is my own private time , and as I explained already to you early today I try to conserve my time as there is many users that waiting for the same .
You may have your knowledge, but when using new device you need to partially forget about it and empty your cup before absorbing new stuff that works little differently from what you were used to before .
We try to keep our community here on a nice note and learn from each other in the process improving our work.
I don’t know everything , but what I know from my own experiences I am glad to share .

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Thank you for returning. After all what I perceived through your youtube channel

I see that you are very motivated and busy in bringing deep knowledge about the usage of Retropoint POP2. Open a patreon maybe in a while ?

Thank you anyway !!!

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Thanks , I opened to channel to save my time typing each time the same stuff to new users .
So far it doing good and it it grows , I may continue doing it if I do not run out of subject , plus new MINI scanner is on the way with different technology , so more subjects to talk about.
I don’t think I would have the time for Patreon , as my personal work talking most of my time already and that is a lot on the plate.
3D Scanning is my passion since over 2 decades already l so I am always very enthusiastic about it , my expertise in in organic modeling and scanning in general .

Thanks for the support , and if you run in troubles , we are all here to helps you out .