Where did the dual axis turntable go in the new Revoscan

I donwloaded the new version of Revoscan today and the option to select the dual axis turntable has gone from the ‘scan’ pop-up.

Clearly I missed the email about this - where did it go?

I assume it has been changed to make it more usable / sensible, but hiding it completely - well that’s a smart move.

I feel sure it’s me, but as I’m all I’ve got to answer these questions, I’m stuck.


Mac? Win? Android?

Just click the Turntable icon on the bottom of the screen to open the settings, but what you mean it is gone from the Scan pop-up window ? It is still there to be selected. At least in Windows .

Ivan, it’s on Windows 10

And PUTV, here’s a screenshot of the popup that no longer has the turntable to choose:

Now I guess that’s likely because the turntable isn’r paired to the Bluetooth, but that begs the question why not as before I updated the software, it paired fine.

Now I can’t see the thurntable at all to pair it to. When I choose ‘Add Bluetooth device’ in Windows Settings, and then choose Bluetooth device, the turntable doesn’t appear, even if I disconnect its power and then reconnect / switch on.

It’s almost as if the new software expects a different ‘variety’ of Bluetooth to the old one.

You don’t need to add or pair it on Windows, it uses the Mini Bluetooth build in , not need PC Bluetooth.

Just connect MINI to the Software and the option should show up again .

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Which version we are talking about? Is there a newer one then …909c?

Hi Obi , only new version for MAC and Android , not new version for Windows .

BTW new Android app adding 1200 extra frames in color on 6GB phones , 2000 total in color …just tested working great :+1:

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I updated the Revoscan software this morning to this one: Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.0.4.20220806a

I got an email from Revopoint telling me they were shipping the stabiliser and pointing out there was a updated version of the softare with a link to download it.

‘Just connect MINI to the Software and the option should show up again .’ well, yes it should, but it doesn’t, which is why I’m here asking for help.

Aha! I think I might be making progress.

the link in the email said it was goi9ng to 909, but it actually linked directly to 806.

I’ve downloaded 909 now and we’ll see whether that helps.

I’ll be back.


Right, that fixed it.

The link in Revopoint’s email connects to the wrong version of Revoscan.

I probably won’t be the only person who blindly clicks it, but that’s the answer.


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I did not got the email , I always download from the forum Starting Point section as they have it most accurate.

I guess there going to be lots of confused people today …