When will the handheld stabiliser be available to purchase?

It seems like the handheld stabiliser is unavailable/ removed from the site when do we expect this to be back?

It is temporary out if stock, I am not exactly sure when it is going to be back .
You are not the first with that question but I am not expecting very soon .

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Thank you.
What was the retail price
Will any stabiliser work once it’s got a camera mount?

Sorry I am on my phone , can’t check the exact price for you at this moment.

but you can’t use a standard cam stabilizer with the scanner , the scanner need to be powered and if you do the cable will go in the way of the stabilization in short it will not works .
The Revo Stabilizer powering the scanner allowing it to move freely , also you have start/pause button and different stabilizer modes .

Thanks for the insight.

Do you even recall roughly to the closes €50 how much it was?

It was around £120.
Waste of money if you have IOS device as the start stop button has never worked.
The button just turns your device volume up and down.

Would you sell yours :wink:

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@Cosantoir here is the original product page from before

And you can use it with all devices , just the stop/pause button is not working yet on IOS devices , but half inch away you can click the button on the screen in the app , so nothing stop you from scanning with it if you really want . But I suspect you want to use android phone with it.

Oh wow I really thought it would be more expensive.
Definitely on my shopping list.

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