Whatsapp Group or Facebook Messager, which one do you use the most?

Hi, I’m thinking to make a messager group for us to keep easier communication. Which app do you use the most? (Voluntarily join)

  • Facebook Messager
  • Whatsapp

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Shouldn’t that be Facebook Messenger?

And I use neither of the choices provided.

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Hi @banonay

Oh, yes, sorry for my wrong type. I can’t revise it now. :cry:

May I know what app do you use?

A lot of tech companies use DIscord, but that would circle back to pretty much the same format as the forum, just a bit more thread unifying.

Nonetheless, Facebook Messenger.

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None :frowning: I hate social media now a days, way too commercial. Give me a good old fashioned phpBB forum and I would be VERY happy!

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I use the forum.

At work, we use MS Teams. Only other social app I use is Twitter.

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I’ve tried WhatsApp; I do not like it.

It’s also having some legal problems in the EU, as detailed in this link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/07/12/whatsapp-faces-eu-complaint-for-aggressive-rollout-of-controversial-privacy-policies/?sh=511cbe201a8b

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I think the best option is still the forum, because everyone can read other people’s ideas, and not just a small number of people who know your group exists.

But if I had to choose, I chose Facebook messenger, I never understood the usefulness of Whatsapp apart from having a sopie of SMS and Facebook messages with an even more intrusive user contract (good almost as much as FB Messenger )

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I won’t use facebook but discord I trust.

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I’d also advocate for Discord.

Hi @banonay @FabienGlasse @KnightRid @JeffLindstrom @Zoltan3D @BruceBT @ccurtis

Thank you very much for participating in this vote.

After considering all your suggestions, we will still focus on this forum at this period.

If we create a chat group in the future, I will invite you to join.

Best Regards


Il forum sembra essere migliore perché da browser riesci in tempo reale a tradurre.
Altrimenti uso telegram ma preferisco il forum via web perché puoi saltare da un argomento all’altro.

Yes, I totally agree with your opinion.