What are the license terms for Revoscan?

I’m interested in getting a POP2 but I want to share it with my two daughters and use it on two different computers of my own. Obviously I’ll have only one scanner, but the SW will be installed on multiple systems. Only one will be in use at a time, however.

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I have installed Revo Scan on many devices , there is not particular license that prevent you to install on other computers since it does not request a serial number and will not working with other scanners .

Regarding Revo Studio I am not sure , since I use it only on one PC with the CDKey , and it is linked to your email address , but I am sure you can install it on different computers but if you can run both at the same time , I am not sure .

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I have Revo Studio installed on my Studio PC, Laptop and Tablet using the same CD Key and haven’t faced any issues :+1:


you have 2 more activations left , as I just learned the Revo Studio CDKey is good for 5 installations .



Excellent! Thanks for the information! Just what I needed!

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And I assume that if there is no internet connection, the program does not work ?

It don’t need internet connection to run , not Revo Scan or Revo Studio .

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You need a network connection if you are doing WiFi scanning. No Internet connection is needed, unless you are sending an error/bug report from the software.

Revo Studio needs an Internet connection to authorize the CD Key, but not after that.

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