Wahl Comb Scan Problem

I’m having trouble scanning this Wahl clipper attachment. I’m pretty sure it’s the repeated comb pattern that’s causing it trouble. I’ve tried both feature and marker modes, but no luck. Any advice?

That’s a tricky one. If you thicken the blades the gaps become thinner. Might be worth wrapping the thing in tape and add the slots after.

Put leggos in different ways around the comb… additional position references

Objects with this sort of detail are difficult to scan (as you have seen).

Try scanning with the POP oriented so that its sensors are parallel to the tines and rotate the POP over it from one side to the other and maybe from front to back. Do not rotate the clipper attachment on a turntable.

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You know that little Roman dude that the scanner came with and that sticky putty stuff? Use the putty to stick the comb onto Agrippa’s head and crop him out of the scan when you are done. The scanner will be able to track the features on the statue better than the comb.


I’m going to have to try that with the ice cream paddle I’ve had a terrible time scanning. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for all the good advice. Sticking the comb on the statue provided good tracking. Of course, it couldn’t get a good look at the inner surfaces of the teeth, but the scan still provides a good enough starting point for reverse engineering.


Bonjour Zoltan , je galère aussi pour utiliser le POP… avec mon Mac…
Les portes de boîtes aux lettres c’était plus facile…
Bonnes fêtes
Jean Paul…