[Updates on Sep 11, 2021] The Android Version of Handy Scan_v2.7.1_20210908

Dear Users,

The updated Android version of Handy Scan_V2.7.1 is available now!

Below features are improved/fixed:

  1. [Fixed] The problem of the Handy Scan can’t be installed successfully on the phones with 32bit system;
  2. [Fixed] The problem of incorrect display of WiFi connection status;

You can click this link to updated the software: HandyScan2.7.1_20210908_release.apk - Google Drive

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Revopoint Team

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I was able to install V2.7.1 after uninstalling V2.5.9 and rebooting my phone.

It failed to install on my phone. No error code that I can report.

Also, why hasn’t the app been placed on Google Play?

Also, V2.7.1 is slightly more than twice as large as V2.5.9. Why is this? Going from V1.5.0 to V2.5.9 only increased by 13%.

I didn’t notice this before, but Marker mode is disabled when the Connect Mode is set to WiFi.

Has this been the case with earlier versions?

And why?

It doesn’t work at all in USB mode on my galaxy S10 and it works only for few seconds in wifi mode.
Since I purchased this scanner I’ve never done a scan on my smartphone

Hi @JeffLindstrom

Good questions! Let me answer your questions one by one.

  1. We had uploaded it to Google Play Store and waiting for their permission. Before that, we released it for some users who can’t use the software because their phones are with a 32-bit system.

  2. V2.7.1 adds libraries to allow a 32-bit system, making the package twice as large as V2.5.9.

  3. Yes, the Marker mode is disabled under Wi-Fi mode because the bandwidth is insufficient in the Wi-Fi mode.

Best Regards

Hi @Fabysoft

Indeed, some phones can’t use the USB mode because they don’t permit the telephone to provide high-current to external devices. Under such a condition, you can use Wi-Fi mode or use the mobile connector to make the phone work with the USB mode.

For Wi-Fi mode, usually, it won’t only work for few seconds. May I know if you connect your phone to a power bank? If yes, could you please send us a video to support@revopoint3d.com?

Best Regards