[Updated on Sep 23, 2021] The updated iOS version - V1.7.5 is available

Dear Users,

Good news!

We had upload the updated iOS version of HandyScan - v1.7.5 to App Store, and you will be able to download it within 3 days. Please take notice and update the software once it’s available.

Below features are added/fixed/improved:

  1. Added “Audible Aid” option in Settings. Tones will sound when losing track or the scanning distance is too near or too far.
  2. Added “Calibration Lines” option to the RGB window.
  3. Added “Countdown” feature. Adds a delay before scanning to get in position.
  4. Allows multiple model files to be shared simultaneously.
  5. Allows users to switch program language.
  6. Dark mode automatically adjusts to your phone’s Night/Day display mode.
  7. Improved stability.

PS: Specially thank the users who joined the “Suggest & Win” contest in this forum, since many of the new features are from their suggestions.

Update on Sep 24,
This version is available in the App store now!

Best Regards
Revopoint Team