[Updated on 20210724] The updated Windows version of Handy Scan - v2.7.9_20210724.R

Dear users,

The newest Windows version is available now, please download it from here:

We fixed the below problems:

  1. In Marker Mode, no markers are shown in the preview window (Occasionally);
  2. Add multilingual versions: French/German/Spain/Italy/Japanese.;
  3. The RGB background is not displayed sometimes(Occasionally).
  4. Add “Report bugs” function;

Best Regards
Revopoint Team


You’ll want to reboot your PC after installing this version. Running before reboot just ends with a GUI that says connected to scanner, but does nothing else.

After rebooting, it will ‘work’, but you still get very low detail (even worse than previous releases) and now you can no longer change the auto/manual setting on the 3D scan while it has a session open.

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Almost forgot, still no digital certificate on this software, requiring elevated privileges to run, which is totally NOT acceptable.


We will solve this problem as soon as possible.

Any update on the certificate?

Hi @Dowser

Our product team said that we had applied the digital certificate, but some anti-virus software occasionally wrongly recognizes it and kills by mistake, could you please ignore the error and continue to use it at this period?

We are also testing the different anti-virus software and contacting them one by one.

Best Regards

No, sorry, we can’t “ignore” crucial safety measures that is applied to corporate computers.
It’s not that we can just click “OVERRIDE” like in the movies…

My guess is that you are better off solving the problem like most any other software developer have done instead of contacting anti-virus vendors one by one, but that’s up to you.

Hi @Dowser

Ok, thanks for your suggestion. I will discuss with our developers again.

Best Regards

Hi @banonay @Dowser

Please test the updated version with the new digital certificate and see if the problem is solved, thank you.

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I still see the request to run the programs for both Handy scan and Handy studio.

I am also noticing more camera dropouts regardless if I am connected via usb3 or usb2.

Undo seems better but not great. Should save the point cloud detail at last pause, stop and allow you to return to there. Maybe a few saves in the buffer.

Tracking, after a pause or changing scanning angle results in mistracking and erroneous data.

Calibration lines needs some explanation as to what you do with them.

Scanning results are not repeatable using the same settings or setup. Sometimes the same settings give different results.

Scanning preview window seems to jump even though the side windows are fine.

Frame count should pause when tracking is lost. Also frame counter should be moved to a status bar so it’s not hidden by the model being scanned.



Many software installation procedures I have read include disabling the anti-virus first and rebooting afterwards.

Not this case. I only have Windows defender no other virus software