[Update on Sep 23, 2021] The Updated Windows version of Handy Scan - V2.9.10

Dear Users:

The updated Windows version of Handy Scan, V2.9.10 is available now!

What’s new?

  1. Digital certification has been updated.
  2. Added “Audible Aid” option in Settings. Tones will sound when losing track or the scanning distance is too near or too far.
  3. Added “Calibration Lines” option to the RGB window.
  4. Allows users to switch program language on the About page.
  5. The default Hotspot (Wi-Fi) password is now not visible by default to protect user privacy.
  6. Fixed the bug causing a black Preview screen with two Intel graphics cards, the Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 & UHD Graphics.

We have uploaded this update to Google Drive. Before it is published on the Revopoint3d site, you can download it via this link: HandyScan_Setup2.9.10.20210918.R.exe - Google Drive

We’re so sorry that some users find a bug on this version - strange characters appear when switching language. (below image for your reference).

Please noted that since it won’t affect the regular use of the software, we will solve this bug in the next version. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,
The Revopoint Team


I see it is signed, and that’s a good first step to ensure it is authentic software.

Still requires admin privileges to run. That is still a problem with security. There is nothing in this app that should require elevation.

We’re still having the same issue with this version. Black preview screen on two machines. One has an Intel HD 4000, and the other has a Radeon R7 240.

The only difference with this version is that we now see a countdown “3 2 1” on the preview screen.

Also, I agree that the need to run this as admin is more than annoying. We’re trying to use this in a public makerspace, and we can’t hand out admin credentials to everybody.

Hi @banonay

We will discuss it internally, and try to solve this problem in the future version.

Best Regards

Hi @wab

Did you try to connect the POP to your phone? Is it work or not?

Could you please make a video and send it to support@revopoint3d.com, and cc forum@revopoint3d.com?

Best Regards

You want a video of a blank preview screen?

The scanner works fine. We’re still able to get complete scans without the preview, and I can get scans with preview on my laptop.

The black preview screen is only on the two desktop machines I described in my previous post.