[Update on 20210722] The Android version of Handy Scan - v2.5.9.20210721

Dear Friends,

The new Android version of Handy Scan - v2.5.9.20210721 is available now! You can download it via this link: HandyScan2.5.9_20210721_release.apk - Google Drive
(It can be download from Google play store soon)

This version fixed/added below problems/features:

  1. The RGB image is black on some phones;
  2. Under Wi-Fi mode, green dots are shown on the RGB camera image;
  3. RGB streaming is failed, causing the right-side buttons to be gray;
    4)Optimize the high CPU usage during scanning;
  4. Add multilingual versions: French/German/Spain/Italy/Japanese.

Specially thank you - @Zoltan3D @AndreasS @raffaelemassaro and several other users/beta testers for your support on the translation of multilingual versions of Handy Scan. (I don’t know their forum ID)

If any other users find problems with the language, please feel free to let us know. We appreciate your kind support.

Best Regards
Revopoint Team


Worked on my s10plus via wifi with phone hotspot


Thank you for your feedback. That’s good!
This new version is mainly to solve the connection problems of Samsung S8/9/10/10+, hope more users can share their feedback like you did. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It works now on Samsung S9+

Thank you


Thank you for the new version :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
My Feedback:

  • This version on my device has finally both images, RGB and infrared, working.
  • The buttons on the right side are working! So it is possible to finally use that version.
  • Language… well. On my device it’s german, and I found an error: the section “Models” on the main window is named “Abbrechen”, which means “Cancel”. Actually, I would have liked to stay with english.
  • Thank you for listening and having the main window in landscape mode now (or turning).

One request: the *.cfg-files with the parameters seem to be encrypted or something. Could you please have them uncrypted again? This is a very new product and at least some users would like to tweek the parameters, so it would be great to be able to do that.

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When I download and install on my Note 20 Ultra it just says “app not installed”. Should I uninstalled the previous version first?

Edit: OK I got V2.5.9_20210721 to install but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried USB (doesn’t work at all) and WiFi, which connects but nothing happens, both video feeds on the left are blank.

Hi @Eldkatten

Thank you for your clear feedback.

For the language, sorry, maybe our developer wrongly type it. We will revise it in the next version. And I will check with them to see if we can allow users to change the language as they like without revising the default language of the phone.

As for the *cfg-files, we had discussed internally, and will explain it soon.

Best Regards

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Hi @Philnolan3d

Could you please redo all your connection steps, and click “About” - " Report Bugs"?

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I will try it, thank you.

Unfortunatly, the installation of this release is not more available with SAMSUNG A5
Has you got another solution ?
Best regards


Please do all the connection steps, and click “about” " report bugs“ so that we can analyze the problem, thank you.

Best Regards


Thanks for this new version!
It finally works with my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Wi-Fi mode.

One suggestion: The interface can switch/flip automatically with the orientation of the phone. Now the orientation of interface is locked. I need to remember which side is up in horizontal orientation.

Great job!

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Hi @modoneer

Glad to hear that!

I had recorded your suggestion. Btw, you can join our suggestion & win contest, if it is chosen by developer, you may have a chance to win a prize! Here is the link: Share your suggestions about Handy Scan & Win A Prize!

Best Regards

@Revopoint3D-Cassie is there a statement about the opening of the cfg-files yet?

Hi @Eldkatten

Sorry, we are still discussing this issue.

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