Unable to install Handy Studio Update

Hello all,

after downloading the Update, whih is recommended, I can’t install it. I’ll always receive this error message:


But I couldn’t find any setup options about the installation path. Any suggestions?


Hello, can you show me the famous illegal path please?

Hello zoltane3D. That is the point. I have no idea which path is tried to access by the intallation.

Do you uninstalled the old version before?

This is the problem. I uninstalled the HandyScan software, where HandyStudio seems to be implemented. I downloaded the new version and reinstalled both Aps. But the HandyStudio version offers still an update. And then it starts again…

Right click this file and run as Administrator.



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Hello, Thank you very much indeed. This slution worked fine!


@DisneySpirit Thanks a lot for you useful help :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t get this to work for me.

my file is named mptupdate, but does not have the .exe extension. It is an application and file size is the same at 177kb.

I right click, and run as admin. The loading wheel comes up like it is doing something, but it never updates.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried just uninstalling everything, erasing the leftover files in the folder and reinstalling the latest version? if it works or not, come back and tell us.

Sorry, I didn’t see the notification for a response.

I deleted the software, deleted the mpt folder, reinstalled and still would not update through the software.

I could not get it to update in the mpt folder either, but I went into the package folder, and noticed the new version number update. right clicked, installed as admin, and it worked.

Unfortunately, the file disappeared when it updated, but here is a screen shot of the folder it was in.

Thanks for the help.


When I try to update the system give me that error??? How I could correct???


Thank you for your feedback. We had noticed this problem and will solve it as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Hi all. I got the same message (The path is illegal…) when I tried update on Windows 11 Pro, Eng lang. Have you found a solution yet? Me seems, the suspected part is vcredist_x64 package - it is in chinese chars only. Thanks in advance Jiri