Tutorial Videos for RANGE

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We posted some tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. Before you use the new scanner, pls spend some time watching them.

Revo Bootcamp:

Revo Scan 101:

How to Use Marker Tracking (Part 1):

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lol i definite need the tutorial for Range after using revo mini


Thanks for these. They seem to be short clips from the longer live stream.
I understand that a lot of your user base is experienced but some are not. I have never used a scanner before.
For me I would want a clear straight forward tutorial scan basic items to more complex items. I personally have issues with scanning the underside or the top of an object.

Please post simpler tutorials that are step by step and clear.


It would be great for those of us that are new to 3D scanning to have a video or a video series that does a more systematic breakdown of steps and tips. For instance, something that includes optimal lighting setups, correct turntable speeds, how to know if you’ve over-scanned an area, the order of operations after you’ve completed a scan, how to create UV maps from the color scan, etc…

The videos so far are good, but (IMO) they feel like quick demos more than follow-along tutorials.

I think I’m amongst the group of folks that are thoroughly frustrated trying to get good results, especially when we see examples of great scans. I know I’m nearing the point where I’m ready to give up and just sell my scanner.

Hi @iperez_genius @pjmuller ,

Thank you for your feedback. I will communicate with our content team about this point.

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I agree, the unit does not even have a manual that I can find with step by step instruction. This should be like a master class going through every step on set up and software instructions. I cannot find any of this and it’s very frustrating. This might be the best unit on the market, but I would never know it because I might give up before i figure it out.
And it may be simple in stupid statures on a turn table but what about in hand on real life objects.
If they really want to sell these things, they should be able to explain to me how to use it like I’m 5 or a Labrador retriever.
I’m getting close to putting it back in the box and sending it back.

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