[Tips & Tricks] PTFE Tape for Dark/Shiny Convex Objects

Hey everyone :slight_smile: ,

I’ve been playing around with my revopoint POP for two days now. One idea I had was to use PTFE tape to wrap shiny/dark objects:


What do you think?

I’m aware this is only feasible for convex surfaces, and you will see some of the seams in the scan result because of the resolution, but I prefer this to spraying anything on a phone ;).

Have a nice Weekend!

cool idea! But sublimation sprays like aesub blue or attbline ab2 don’t do any damage, if thats what you are worried about.


It’s on you will scan the object because it’s clearer, but in the end what’s the point other than having the outline of the object?
Because you lost the buttons, the screen, the details of the back.
Even the size won’t match if you want to make a shell because the tape has thickness too.
It is still not bad for simple and black objects, thanks for the idea :bulb: