THREE WORKING SOLUTIONS for standalone control of Dual Turntable

Here is an article explaining how to set up a “Standard serial over bluetooth link” on a windows 10 computer. This gives you a com port for your bluetooth device, to use with any windows serial terminal.

Using Serial Bluetooth terminal APP for android i have managed to connect to the table send the commands and verify that it is being recieved on the serial port on termite. But nothing else happens on those listed commands… something is missing


I have tried that method but it does not show the dual axis table be it paired or not, at least on my win10.


The control template goes as follow:    +"command","action"="value";

It is important that the command;
- is written in all caps
- has no spaces
- starts with + and is terminated with ;

------------- TILT -------------
+CR,TILTVALUE=10;     (degrees - min -30 max 30)
+CR,TILTSPEED=10;     (max speed 36)
+CR,TOZERO;           (tilts back to boot time zero)
+CR,STOP;             (stop any ongoing rotation operation)

+QR,TILTSPEED;        (query current tracked rotation value)      
+QT,TURNSPEED;        (query current set speed value)

------------ ROTATE -------------
+CT,TURNANGLE=360;    (degrees - incremental comand, accepts positive or negative values, total rotation angle is tracked)
+CT,TURNSPEED=36;     (max speed 36)
+CT,TOZERO;           (rotates back to boot time zero)
+CT,STOP;             (stop any ongoing rotation operation)

+QT,CHANGEANGLE;      (query current tracked rotation value)
+QT,TURNSPEED;        (query current set speed value)



You are so fantastic, thank you so much.

So who can write us a app for control?

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For now you can start using it with the Android APP by Kai Morich, it is free to download and use, with no ads, and one can donate to the authoer trough the app.

He also has a simpler opersource version of his terminal that someone with knowlage in Androi APPs can use to hit the ground running on building the app :slight_smile:

You can download my preset macro config buttons as seen on the screenshot from the github here:


Thanks for this I have it working with android app by Kai Morich :sunglasses:

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@X3msnake & @Johnathan I installed the app from Kai and imported your configuration but if I try to connect to the turntable I get a “Connection failed gatt status 257”. What do I wrong? If I go to “Devices” I find the DAT under Bluetooth LE (Android Smartphone Huawei P30Pro). I tried to connect via the app and via Bluetooth settings on my Phone. Phone is able to connect to DAT but both ways didn’t work with the app. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

I paired to the phone then go to devices

Then select the turntable

Then click on the content logo

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The turntable should have an ID of REVO_DUAL_AXIS_TABLE if it doesn’t maybe it is connected to the scanner already? I don’t have it with me now to test that

I tried the same way but unfortunately without success. Paired first with the phone and then choosen the device from the list. Got always the 257 error. :frowning:

And the turntable isn’t connected to the Revopoint software ? Try contacting the turntable without the scanner on first, i had nothing else on at the time I tested

Reboot of my phone solved the issue … now I am able to connect. Thank you for your help @Johnathan

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Excellent glad you got it working :+1:
I’m going to try and do an app for it but I’m sure someone else will beat me to it :joy:


It does work! Thank for the effort @X3msnake

I tried to adjust the turn speed but it does not seem to rotate faster.
What is the proper way of increasing the speed ?

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To change the speed you have to use:

The values is from 36 to (dunno, the max i tried was 500) and it specify how many seconds are needed for a 360° revolution.
Then you just can set the turnangle with:

You can send the commands together too.
For example if you want to have a full revolution in 5mins you’ll write:
" +CT,TURNSPEED=500;+CT,TURNANGLE=360; " all in one line. No spaces.


Good sleuthing, @X3msnake ! I never expected the turntable to use such a general (and Open) protocol!
Was it your recognition of the processor chip that lead to your conclusion? Perhaps that processor only supports the serial port protocol?

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He did like i did.
UART pins are accessible.
Connecting to serial you can read the command messages the scanner sends to the table.
Get a log of a scan and you have all the commands.

Connect to the table with a bluetooth serial app and send the same commands you just got via log.


I said it before Tom, it is just a simple turntable , people expected as always something else as it really is .

The first idea was to make an app for it , but some how they changed the decision that caused so many issues as we knowing making it more complicated as it really should .

Now someone please make an app pretty please … @Johnathan ?

Thanks @X3msnake


I did a couple scans this morning using the standalone turntable app and it worked well.

So is 36 seconds per Revolution the fastest we can move this?

About 20 seconds per Revolution would be about perfect.

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