THREE WORKING SOLUTIONS for standalone control of Dual Turntable

I upload the new Version with the new Inputs from SphaeroX and the Steps feature



Step feature is very nice, I am sure @PopUpTheVolume will love doing scans at 15 degree steps.

I was looking for one buuton that would start a cycle of;
Tilt 30, rotate 360, tilt zero, rotate 360, tilt -30, rotate 360, tilt zero

Johnathan is doing it with a box for you to enter the three tilt values.

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@Miamijerry the thanks for the Step feature goes to @SphaeroX.
I am working on this feature, give me some more time :slight_smile:

3 Likes looks promising for camera control functions! :sunglasses:
So you ordered the Raspberry Pi Shield?
Keep me up to date, sounds like a nice solution!

Looking forward to your update

I uploaded an Version with the Auto Rotation function, but the Stop Cycle Button doesnt work at the moment.
I am Looking for an solution to Stop the function, to solve this Problem

But for Testings it should work, give me feedback if there are issues

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Thank you very much for completing this partbut
Auto Rotation FAST
A little problem, the time may not be 22000 but 37600

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Thanks for your Feedback i uploaded the fixed version

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And this part does not need to run 360 every time, as long as it is better to run 1080 for the first time, there is no pause

@badiori you need a full sequence in motion and not pausing between or you get overlapped frames , noises and artifacts .

So from beginning of scanning at tilt -30 ( tilt forward) to the end of the sequence the turntable should be constantly in motion .
Starting scanning from tilt position reduces the chance of losing tracking same with constant motion .

Pause between was the mayor issue when using the DATT via Revo Scan .

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yes it is true
So I modified this part, turned 1080 directly without stopping, and then changed the angle directly

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I test it now if the timings works with this change, if yes i update it

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That is very good @badiori
The Z rotations are separate commands from X tilt , and Tilt don’t need exactly 36 second per rotation so the change of position do not interupt the capture as long the tilt have minimal 30 seconds per rotation .

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i Uploaded it with your changes

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Auto rotation function works well, Thank You

Noticed that pressing “Rotation Stop” and “Tilt Zero” work as a “Stop Cycle” for the auto rotation function, with a small issue that the remaining tilt functions try to run, but the DATT moves right back to zero once it starts to tilt. (I guess zero has the latest time stamp for a tilt command??)

The Stop Rotation and Tilt Zero Button wont work to Stop the Cycle, there are running Timers that run the Commands.
Give us some Time SphaeroX and me working on new Features.

The R Stop and T Zero should stop the cycle, the possibility are there to do that even it it runs on timer .

Yes, you can stop the rotation but this dont stop the timers at the Moment, the Turntable will do his tilt after the timer is finished.
In the next Version the cycle Stop button will work.


The Android APP got updated, working now on all Android devices from 5.1-13

Hello guys,
i open an new Topic for our Web Based System.