THREE WORKING SOLUTIONS for standalone control of Dual Turntable

That’s good, but I prefer to control it on the computer.And I don’t have Android.

This is totally awesome. It makes scanning with the DATT so much better as I’m not wasting frames waiting for the table to change orientation.
I wish this functionality was built in to Revoscan.

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Thank you so much, great job! Just one remark: you might want to use “&#xB0” in button labels to properly display the degree sign. Like this:
<button onclick="bluetoothSend('+CR,TILTVALUE=-30;')">L30&#xB0</button>

I upload it on Github.



Johnathan has one single button in his Android app, which rotates the DATT at three different angle with one push

Is it possible for you to add this function to your DATT.html ??

You can download the new Android app here

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Hi ShaeroX, thanks for sharing! Your version looks also promising for use with photogrammetry and 360 degrees photos. If you can add a command for release camera button would be perfect for this.

If u can tell me wich commands for the camera i can do this :wink:

Just wrote a PM

I had a quick research and found some ressources which could be interesting but need some deeper dive into it … First it should be not so easy to control different cameras because the manufacturer use different protocols. One solution could be with some add of raspberry or arduino which provide a mechanical relay as shown here (the guy is a bit weird but the idea should work): Control ANY DSLR / Mirrorless Camera from your Computer with TinyPilot and RaspberryPi - YouTube
Another possibility is connecting the camera with usb and use this kind of protocool:
gPhoto - Doc :: Remote controling cameras
I will do some more research and let you know
Thanks in advance to looking into it!

if it is ok for you, i would like to merge your Step Feature into my version too.

Feel free to merge it, i never got time for other projects. That’s why I didn’t do any design and only programmed the most necessary functions…

But the Pause function dont Work

Maybe is a better option for u? I also ordered one :wink:

Hey Buddy,
at the moment i try to find out how i know that the rotation is over to start the next step.
I tries by getting the m/s by percentage but this doesnt work for me.
If i found a Solution for that i will update it with your Wished Function, possibly @Johnathan can help here.

+QT,CHANGEANGLE; and +QR,TILTANGLE; will send you the current state, but u have the read the response from Service.

But for this u need and EvenListener where read the Output…

I upload the new Version with the new Inputs from SphaeroX and the Steps feature



Step feature is very nice, I am sure @PopUpTheVolume will love doing scans at 15 degree steps.

I was looking for one buuton that would start a cycle of;
Tilt 30, rotate 360, tilt zero, rotate 360, tilt -30, rotate 360, tilt zero

Johnathan is doing it with a box for you to enter the three tilt values.

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@Miamijerry the thanks for the Step feature goes to @SphaeroX.
I am working on this feature, give me some more time :slight_smile:

3 Likes looks promising for camera control functions! :sunglasses:
So you ordered the Raspberry Pi Shield?
Keep me up to date, sounds like a nice solution!

Looking forward to your update

I uploaded an Version with the Auto Rotation function, but the Stop Cycle Button doesnt work at the moment.
I am Looking for an solution to Stop the function, to solve this Problem

But for Testings it should work, give me feedback if there are issues

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