THREE WORKING SOLUTIONS for standalone control of Dual Turntable

Solved by X3msnake (Super Special Thanks), see post 29

Also see Browser (html) based DATT Control


Given the security built into Bluetooth, I expect that it’s unlikely to be ‘sniffable’. I would be great if it was documented as part of a Developer’s kit, but, that seems equally unlikely in the near term.

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yea given how much tech has advanced. I doubt it would be easy to sniff. But i would love a simple android app to control it

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Got a Dual Axis Turntable today, But since I only have the POP2, I can’t do anything with it!!

That’s was the original idea , hopefully they will design additional remote control app , other way huge limitations in usage .

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Couldnt they Open Source the Bluetooth commands so people can make the turntable work as they see fit?

I doubt they would relinquish control of the ecosystem they’re trying to create.

Then someone could just use this turntable with not revopoint equipment

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Or better take their idea and create a dual axis turntable clone . Not many of them you can find online . Maybe 1 that actually have the same potential and is usable.

Things like law suits don’t exist in China for a young companies like Revopoint .

I think they will share more later, once they accomplish their goal and brand according to them .


nailed it! I’d do that and provide a wider set of options.


OK, I open the bottom of my Dual Axis Turntable.

Found a pinched wire
Motherboard has a serial connection
Three connectors (Three motors?) of five wires each??


maybe the bluetooth is serial and one cam sniff it at the recieving end

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We might consider it in the future.

Yes how do we get the turntable to operate without the software? The tracking on my windows version is unusable. I want to try on my Mac but the software doesn’t have turntable support.

The Mac version is not ready yet , so for now only Windows .

And as mentioned early the bad tracking you experiencing is not really related to the turntable, but more to the object you are scanning .

I am scanning the supplied

If you have problem scanning the bust and lose tracking , try to recalibrate your MINI the new calibration software is under the Starting Point section in the forum .

Particularly you should have no issues with tracking on this object .

Others recalibrated and now everything working fine .

Poking at the serial with thermite returns giberish, colsest thing to data is set as below and looks like hex values I can be doing something wrong but it can also be encoded or encrypted for some debug tool. At least it is live since it spits a heartbeat and more data while the scanner is moving the table

The processor seems to be a Freqchip FR8016H at 24mhz with
512KB flash, 15 GPIOs, UART, IIC, SPI, PWM, ADC, I2S,
LDO, Li-Charger, Audio CODEC

The board design is simple, 2 switches act as endstops to allow homing the min/max of the table.

two darlington arrays ULN2003 controll 3 unipolar (5 pin) motors, i presume 2 are connected in clone mode for the tilt to give the turntable rigidity and one for the plate rotation.

More Photos on my Revopoint Photo album

I’ve also posted in FB forum

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Update: after reading the datasheet i found that the UART runs at a value much more higher than i anticipated :slight_smile:

And… We have data! :smiley:

Some of these hex look like commands


Do you have an idea what the data is exactly? Are they commands?

If they are commands, then we could add a serial port to the 2ATT, and use a simple program to send commands.

No idea, so far tried pushing some of the values and managed mostly to crash the turntable ending in a reboot.

Both the HEX translated commands staring in +QT return data


I’ve uploaded a dump with power on and a 3x360 scan with +20 -20 deg angle

Feel free to have a look and see if you can figure anything that i might try out, i’m off to sleep now, will poke at this a bit more tomorrow :wink: