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I got someone to help me - it is definitely impossible to scan a human head or body with POP2. Unless I see a video of this being done in real time, not PDF or cuts, that is my firm impression. The tracking just doesn’t work well enough, you end up having 2 ears, or double nose, etc etc

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@c_v2 sorry you have troubles ,but right now I have nobody that want to be scanned for free .
I told you already to keep the proper distance , use powder or dry shampoo or hair net on the head , as the back head has less features so it is easy to lose track , if you got 2 noses you over scanning the same areas too much . As I mentioned before the best way is to use turntable and scan on PC not using a phone , phone will never handle 4000 frames , and fusing and scanning every couple of min is too much hassle and easy to lose tracking in the process , people can’t be still for so long and one wrong movement and you need to start again . That why I scan full body only using turntable .

So, thanks for acknowledging that hand-held scanning of heads and bodies is NOT within the capabilities of the scanner. I did not know I need a turntable able to support human weight. They don’t sell anything of that sort here for less than 2000$. Perhaps tell your boss at Revopoint to add it as an option and change marketing material so we know that it is necessary?

I am not working for Revopoint , I have my own company , and I do not acknowledged anything , I just do what works best for me and scanning with a phone is just not my thing, and not the reason I buy it for. I scanned full bodies holding the scan in my hand so please do not twist my words. A human holding turntable cost $48 on Amazon or you can get lazy Susan for $20 to make your life easier.
Remember the scan doesn’t scan anything , YOU do , so don’t be bitter and keep practicing , and if you have any issues with the device please contact the Revopoint customer services , as all I can do here for you is giving you a tip or share my ideas and definitely not interested in running complaining thread as I have no time for this.
Good luck !

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Good to know I’m talking with the CEO. Sounds like you are defensive because I’m calling you out. I just asked for a video where you show, without cuts, how to scan a head or fully body - preferably in handheld mode and without a turntable. Sorry but “no time” and “no one wants to be scanned for free” and telling me I’m bitter and need to “practice harder” and I’m just complaining sound like excuses. At the end of the day perhaps you cannot produce such a video because the hardware is not suitable (narrow fov/low fps/low resolution = large tracking error = two noses, double ears, etc). Or you know it will take 200 attempts and don’t really want to be bothered anymore (neither do I which is why I am no longer using POP2).

Lots of youtube videos of people successfully making handheld POP2 head-scans (no issues - one nose, two ears), they’ve had to do some learning through trial and error how to get best results. Sounds like you didn’t expect that, so POP2 isn’t for you?

PUTV has been pretty critical of the issues with POP2 scans and software, pointed out bugs, shortcomings, suggested alternative apps etc - obviously doesn’t work for Revopoint.

Hmm @c_v2 , Creality Version 2? Oh wait, you must work for Creality? …LOL


Thanks @higrant I am pain in the butt for Revopoint team sometimes and they know I don’t sugar things up , but they value the honesty even if it is a brutal truth because their goal is to improve with their own products , and you will never improve by listen to lies. For the same reason I refused to be a moderator and prefer to be just a community volunteer. A label will not make me anything special and I would have to watch my mouth, and the truth? I don’t like my opinions to be caged :laughing:
If the whole thing was not worthed my attention, trust me I would be not here.

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and one more thing I want to add
Revopoint company is honest , the team is kind and humble and I enjoy to helping them out to make things better as much as I can in my free time . We all want a good products for less after all , and they are definitely not after quick cash while reselling products made by others as some other company do , they want own brand to be recognized and be proud if it, and since they are relatively a young company , projects on Kickstarter helping them to achieve their goals, because if you make own products the production costs are so much higher than when you just reselling ready to go stuff that die very quickly due to lack of support, and there is nothing worse than buying a 3D scanner without future support and improvements , that would be really waste of money.

And as with everything , some things works for you other don’t , I was the first beta tester for Pixologic Zbrush, Otoy Octane , Adobe Substance Painter and many other 3D softwares before they become a global hit , and as they works wonderful for me , for others they don’t , because if you buy the most expensive Camera in the world , it would not make from you a pro photographer overnight , there is always some learning curve and understanding of what you are doing and good eye , magic buttons do not exist , you buying a tool without the skills included in the price .

I am graduate of Visual Arts- Color-Light-Design and Human Forms , with over 24 years of experiences with 3D organic modeling ,3D texturing , with featured work around the world by big companies like NVIDIA and others, the list is long .

So I hope this is clear that I am not Revopoint staff member , since I run my own 3D related company since 1996 and all opinions are my own .



Hi @c_v2,

We scanned the human body on our Livestream before. Even with the old software, it can get a good result. You can find the recorded video of the Livestream from our YouTube channel:

As @higrant said, you can also find many other reviewers’ videos online.

Btw, why should @PopUpTheVolume do as your request when you look not respect him? He doesn’t owe you.

Please respect others and be polite in the forum. Thank you.


Dear… yes… politeness… respect… but also honesty right? :slight_smile:

I see a great livestream with very smart people talking and an orange, no scanning takes place.
I also see this video Play with POP, make a statue of yourself - YouTube
And I can see that in fact, once you finished the scan, there were double legs and triple feet. Then when you go to meshing, it “sort of” cleans it, but the surface is degraded in this way, and you get much lower resolution. This is also what happens to my case. Double nose does eventually turn into a single nose but because the alignment is not proper, now there is distortion and degraded resolution. The reason is exactly as I explained, the tracking is not perfect, nor can it be - in my opinion - given camera limitations. The only solution is external tracking revo scan is closed source and cannot be improved.

Another chance, if you want to persist, please point to a video where you actually do not get doubled body parts. I also noted that while moving to the back of the head, the camera was scrolled up and down but the cameraman NEVER tried to move around the head, seems to me that is a trick that he learned with practice to mitigate the problem; in which case it would be good if this was public information that it is necessary to do it this way. My scanning method is to go around the head (or rotate the subject) while keeping the camera at roughly the same height). And, I tried hundreds of times with all kinds of settings.

I repeat, when you go around the back of the head you end up with doubled facial features, when you click mesh, it screws up the scan. Camera not moving: very good and nice skin texture too. Move around head: very bad surface, no skin details at all.

Hi @c_v2 ,

According to our forum rule, the first one is “Be polite and respectful to others”.

I hope you can check this forum rule carefully.

As for honesty, who’s not honest? Maybe you mean that you say you can’t scan a human body or head good, but someone else said they can, then you’re real, others are not?

Strange logic since 3d scanning needs practices and skills.

As for the video, it can be easily find one from our channel. We did a Livestream and scanned a human head and half body before (with old version software, now the software is much better), here is the link: Revopoint POP 2 Live Streaming - YouTube

And again, many users shared their head scan with POP and POP 2 before, you can find them online.

Btw, you can create another thread to express your opinion. I think you go too far on @PopUpTheVolume 's post since other users want to see and learn more scanning skills.

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Notice: I moved all these compliant comments here to keep the @PopUpTheVolume can keep sharing the scanning skills on the original thread: POP2 - My 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

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Just ban me please, I don’t like the patronizing tone-policing and will move my findings and complaints to a public forum so it’s useful to people before they purchase.

Few people do. That’s why most of us moderate our behavior.

3D Scanning requires an investment of time, effort and self-analysis to improve your results. Apparently, you want the equivalent of a self-driving car and the technology just isn’t there, yet.



I saw this video and I was amazed by the head scan of the pop. Not sure if anyone else has seen it but the guy did a great job scanning his head then printing it out. Check it out if you have not seen it

This post is most helpful, yet it, or the information in it, isn’t what the advertisements tell you nor what the promotional videos and paid reviews show either.

Another example of misleading the buyer.

Just like the purchase page that happens to know which currency you will use (and therefore which country you are in), but is unable to use that information to adjust the “delivery in 3-5 days” promise.

It really sounds like Revopoint expect customers to know about all the limitations of the Pop2 scanner without actually going to any effort to inform the customer about these limitation, not at least until after Revopoint have the customer’s money.

As a new user of the POP2 I have a different view, but I think many buy these IR scanning tools not really understanding the basics and that there is a steep learning curve if you have little knowledge of scanning and surfaces. My experience to date is that with practice and improved knowledge of the task you are doing that the advertising is not misleading. I think the problem is many see these tools as a ‘Turnkey’ out of the box solution – PLUG N PLAY. NOT SO…… Having said all this, there are certainly limitation that are more challenging, like dark objects……

Back to your original comments about face/head/body scanning. I have found this usable and have a similar result to this guy. In my case I don’t have a good enough swivel chair to smoothly rotate around in front of the scanner. But the results are amazing after 6 to 9 test scans. Does involve a lot of trial and error. I didn’t buy my scanner to play with this sort of stuff but an interesting side track!

Revopoint POP II Color Facial Self Scan With Texturing - YouTube

Also on this…

Does the Revopoint advertising ever state that this product is an instant Plug-n-Play solution to all your scanning needs?

When I did my research before choosing it, I never assumed that claim was being made? And many independent reviews clearly talked about the learning curve. Yes, the Revopoint advertising does show the possibilities of the product and I think those possibilities are achievable (but a challenge to us beginners!)

Anyway hope this helps other to understand the effort needed BEFORE BUYING.