The only way i can get depth readings

If i cover the bottom of the camera with tape i can get a good scan.

If i leave off the tape nothing comes thru.

The camera sometimes works great without the tape and sometimes it is required.

Anyone else ever seen this?

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Iā€™m fascinated by this discovery.

What gave you the idea to try this?

I was getting no points at all and was holding my finger over the camera on accident.

Then grabbed the tape and scanned. Tracking becomes a little harder but does seem to work.

After a few restarts i dont need the tape, frankly im afraid to turn the thing off because i have to start the process all over again!

Odd thing with this scanner is the longer its on the better it does. Seems to like being warm.

The scans are really good for such a cheap scanner and its perfect starter scanner despite its quirks.

Hi @Northcoast
That is not a camera you covering but Infrared Projector
I am wondering how you can get any scan covering the pattern , this makes zero sense .

Unless the projector hardware is damaged.
Did you recently updated the firmware or it was always like that ?

I will move this to Customer Support for investigation as it looks like your hardware is damaged .

@Revopoint3d-Agnes will check with you on this issue with more info how to follow .

Sorry, the tech team confirms this is a defective scanner.
Please contact and provide your order number and your forum ID, we will send you a replacement.

For the benefit of this thread.

I have not updated the firmware or calibrated it, its all stock from the box.

I use it in usb mode.

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Thank you @Northcoast
I am going to close it up now since the issue is resolved and keep it as archive for reference.

If anybody ever experience this issue with your device please always post your own new thread for proper support .