The New iOS Version(V1.4.6) is Updated

The New iOS Version(V1.4.6) is Updated! You can download/update it in App Store!

Or you can also click here to download/update it:…/revopoint-handyscan/id1562950199

We updated the below details:

  1. Can export three formats - stl/obj/ply;

  2. Add reminder when the device is not connected;

  3. Improve the sensitivity of the return button;

  4. Add background for setting & return button;

  5. Add reminder when sharing several models once;

This new update version is recommended for all users.

Best Regards

Revopoint 3D Team

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great, software update and still cant connect the scanner to my phone. half baked would be a generous description

I downloaded this to my ipad, which is wifi only, how do I connect to the scanner, does the scanner have a hotspot???

Hi, @DRP71, please kindly check this tutorial: [Tips & Tricks] iPad Handy Scan Connection Instruction

As I mentioned before, this tutorial is not applicable to ipad wifi only devices as they do not have the option to create hotspots!

Hi @DRP71

Sorry, I missed this comment.

You misunderstand the connection step, and it doesn’t request users to create a hotspot on the iPad.

You create a hotspot named POP, and the password is 12345678 on your phone (or a router), then search it in the WLAN of your iPad, and insert the password.