Support of Dual-axis Turntable for POP 2


maybe I’m not up-to-date then please correct me. But I remember that the dual-axis turntable was initially only supported for the RevoPoint MINI scanner. Is this still valid?
When will the POP 2 be officially supported?


Hi Florian , not sure if the upcoming software update will support DATT and POP2.
But in meantime you can use Android app to control it while using it with POP2 , POP, MINI with lots of extra options and great results .

Thanks for this hint!

Maybe finally a stupid question. Is it necessary to fix the part to be scanned on the turn table? What do you recommend to fix it: double-sided tape or any other helping resource?

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When you got your package, there is a blue strip , it is sticky putty to attach your figure to the table … it is always inside the packages . The best you can use for fix your objects on top.

Double tape is ok but search for sticky putty in the box , if not
Amazon have it as well among other stores worldwide.

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@PopUpTheVolume thanks for you answer!

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Does the Pop2 even have a bluetooth radio in it for communication with the DATT?
Just wondering for future support in RevoScan.

I use the web version of the DATT control with my Pop2 and it works really well.

Yes it do have one , but it will be activated via the upcoming firmware update specific for that purpose , many users updated their firmware of POP2 thinking it was the one , but it was not since my POP2 firmware updated as well but DATT is not supported yet … so little confusion here and there .

I use my POP2 via Android app DATT Controller, and Revopoint already working on their own Android App as well as I was tested their beta app and it is very simple and straight forward.
I like to use it on my tablet next to Revo Scan

Thanks for that. I too use the DATT using either the app or the web app depending on my need. It works really well.
I tend to use my Pop2 more than my Mini at the moment now I have the DATT. The two items are a great pair.

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Me too , I think POP2 is much better match with DATT than MINI … I think the issue here is the pivot that is much too far from the center when using with MINI , POP2 range is much wider , so it don’t affect the scanning as much .

The first design they had was a perfect one … but as much as I like the second one , technically the pivot is out of the ideal range .

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It would be nice to get a stament from revopoint when the POP 2 will be supported officially both in the Windows application and the smartphone app(s).

That’s the reason I will move from the POP mini to the POP 2 … the POP 2’s resolution is sufficient for my use case and more versatile with respect the scan volumes …

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POP2 is my favorite every day tool … for most scans including color scans … I use MINI only for very small fine stuff as it was made for scanning only small objects in first place .

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Any update on this? I have a POP2 and am very interested in buying the DATT

Not yet , the firmware don’t support yet POP2, but I hear from the team that they working on disconnecting the link between the scanner and turntable so any scanner can be used with it regardless .
Hopefully in the new upcoming Revo Scan 5 .

No thoughts of adding the link to the pop2 firmware then?

I had gotten the idea that the scanner was able to choose where additional observations are needed automatically and to me that was the appealing part. Fiddling with it manually is OK, but not as compelling.

I really don’t know exactly the details about why POP2 is not supported to use DATT . Maybe the hardware is missing something .

Other people with Android phones use now app on their phones to control the DATT no matter what scanner you are using . There is also Windows app made by users.

Personally I prefer to use one of the apps to control it in place of using it via Revo Scan .