Start button from POP2

Using the POP2 scanner I noticed that in the software after pressing the PLAY button on the scanner when restarting the scan it does not continue the previous scan but starts a new one in a new position. I wanted to ask if it is a program bug or if I do not perform the procedure to resume the scan.



@ThinkAndFly if it start new one in new position it means it did not found the track to the old own , I was using it yesterday with full body scan and it worked all fine from the top to the bottom .

I assume you using windows software ? there are 4 software so pls mention next time what you are using for easier support.

To test your issue out , I recommend setting the POP2 on tripod and click the play button while it is focus on an object that do not rotate , then stop again and click again to see if it created separate frame or not. This way you will know that it is not your device issue but simply the software lost the tracking.