Stabilizer - start/stop adjusts volume

I have the stabilizer connected to my Mac via bluetooth, and I have RevoScan open and ready to scan. The start/stop button just toggles the volume. Not sure how to change that so it actually controls the app instead.

Do you have the stabilizer icon in Revo Scan turned green ?

There is no stabilizer icon that I can see.

So your software is not ready yet to be used with Revo Scan and Stabilizer.
A new software is almost ready to be released as well .

The only function will be the play/stop button in Revo Scan via stabilizer.

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Ok thanks, that it required a software update to use wasn’t obvious at all, but it makes sense now. Thank you!

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No problem , it needs software update . It probably will be rolled out very soon .

There will be no need to update the firmware anymore to be able to use the stabilizer.


I have a similar issue. Start/stop button does nothing when connected to my Windows 11 PC. Not sure what is going on.

Hi Eric , the Revo Scan version you using don’t support yet the Stabilizer , so the start/pause button don’t works on it when connecting to the PC Bluetooth.

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Thanks PUTV. That explains that. :rofl: I did some scans with it to see what the difference is. It did impove the quality of the scans. Thanks for your reply.

You know what I am thinking why using Stabilizer improving the scan quality ?

Because it runs on a separate source with Power and Data compared to just 1 USB Cable for both increasing the speed of the captured frames that are needed for better tracking and point cloud .

Scanning with Range at 20fps compared to 10fps decrease the risk of loosing tracking , as it is almost not existent problem anymore and still works better on 2 cables than just 1 , and a separate USB C just for data provide the most speed in this case , on WiFi I think it is15 fps if I good remember and still very good.

In short lower frame rate, lower tracking performance , most of the great handheld scanners use at least 80 fps in comparison .

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I agree with you. If I remember correctly from looking at the log file, I noticed a 2 fps increase from some recent changes to my PC. As soon as I get home today I’ll look at the log file again to confirm. The 2 fps increase made a difference I noticed, or I’m being more consistent with my scans. :crazy_face: I would love to see a 10 fps boost to all the scanners.

The Mini has been great since I learned more about it. I now add 3d printed features to evey scan to make the scans better quality. I don’t really need the Range scanner, as I don’t do huge scans. I’m going to get it anyways. I’ll come up with some project for it. :rofl:

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I am sure you will … you can trust me on that … I know you will enjoy it !

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When I insert the USB cable from my PC into the stabilizer with my POP2 on it, the stabilizer immediately turns off and software couldn’t recognize the scanner. Is it as intended? How could I use the USB mode if so? Can only use WiFi for now.

The Stabilizer can’t be used while charging, the USBC port on the stabilizer is only for charging purpose .

Dear Mac users,

Sorry for keeping you wait for such a long time.

Download link:

Feature Updates

  1. Fixed an erroneous sound prompt occurring in a non-scanning state.
  2. Fixed visual errors appearing on the Fusing, Meshing, or Texture Mapping progress bar.
  3. Optimized how point clouds are displayed.
  4. Optimized Dual-axis Turntable Connection.
  5. Improved Revo Scan’s stability.
  6. Optimized the firmware update process.
  7. Stabilizer Start/Pause button is active (beta)

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team

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