Sony Xperia XZ1 - H8266 - wifi difficulties

I had difficulties to get my Sony phone on to POP by Wifi. This script may be usefull for similar problems.

A: Telephone Sony Xperia XS – HS6288
1. Power on
a. Setting
i. Network and Internet
1. Wifi: set off
2. Choose: Hotspot and thetering
a. Choose: Hotspot on
i. Hotspot configure ID = POP PW = 12345678
ii. Netwerk can be found: on

|2.|App: 3Dscan|
|a.|Settings: e.g. Wifi-mode, PLY|
|b.|Scan: - select camera |
|3.|For sending scan by email back to WiFi|

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Hi @Johan

Do you mean that you can’t connect your phone to POP by Wi-Fi?

May I know if you tested it with your PC? If it works on your PC, please send us a video with your connection steps and show the problems.

Best Regards