Some help scanning my wife

Hi all,

I’m the proud owner of a pop 2, since a few weeks. As an complete n00b I’ve learned a lot about 3d scanning, and I really like it.

I’ve read this forum quite thoroughly, and seen a lot of tutorials on YT (many thanks to @PopUpTheVolume).

Scanning with the turntable has been a succes for a few times. It was lots of fun playing with the gain, distance and light. Trying not to over scan. And learning some words like mesh, fuse, cloud point, edge, face etc (if anyone had a n00b Bible, please let me know).

But handheld scanning is so difficult. I’ve tried it for hours, but I can’t get it right.

My wife is in the last weeks of her pregnancy, and she’s sitting down on a stool. I want to scan her beautiful belly, and print it.

Using wifi and laptop (tried the cable 2) , getting gain and light in good values.
And then I’m starting to walk around her, scanning bit up - bit down and try to keep the distance exactly the same. Also trying to maintain the same speed (which is kinda hard).

At best I only have a few big lines (look like scars, don’t know the proper terminology yet). But I never get the scan “closed”. At closing the 360 there always a big (or small) overlap. Post-processing it’s still looks ugly.

Is this a common problem? It feels like my hand of walking just isn’t steady enough.

Any advise is highly appreciated.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Elkoenjo

Use Body mode for scanning so you have a better distance , you can still scan at “good” distance
Try to walk around mimic turntable movements, you should get the area scanned with one walk rotation around the lower part of the torso .

Watch what you see under the depth camera preview and not the preview of the scan so you keep the model on track .

If you handheld the scan it is ok to have overlapping , move from top and each rotation move down

You need to do that exactly as you scan a person on turntable , each rotation moving down , finish rotation moving down again .

Avoid intense shaking or jumping from one space to another , keep the walk on track .

You can also move the Stool if it can rotate

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Will try! Thanks!

I’m already in body mode. Should I use marker or feature, and fast scan of high accuracy?

You don’t use feature mode or Marker mode , it gonna be more difficult as the distance will get to max 25 cm only so easy to lose tracking .
Stay in Body mode , you can scan even if the indicator showing “GOOD”

You should get yourself a 12 inches electric turntable on Amazon , it supports 110KG and the costs are around $76 , best way to scan humans or head/torso without too much frustrations, holding laptop and scanner and walking around is not always best choice since you have to complete it in one session , scanning partial human parts and merging don’t works well as people moving and breathing.

POP2 like it to go slow , so do not rush or move too quickly , walk around and gradually move down by each finished circle around your model .
The pregnant belly have lots of featureless areas on both sides so you may experience loss of tracking if you get too close , but you can drap some clothing on the sides and stay at "Good " distance in that areas since there are no fine details so the accuracy is not as much important

You can also ask your wife to place one hand/arm under and one on top of the belly , it would looks more beautiful and you get extra features for stable scanning . .

Now I wish you have Range , as that would be no problem for you at all .
I am not going to ever use POP2 for body scans again after using Range that’s for sure , maybe for the face/head to get the extra details if needed but basically don’t even need .

Not much you can do here at this moment but practice on that not easy task .

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I cannot unbox them. My interface looks a bit different then in the most tutorials

Ok your settings are correct .

Feature mode : object based feature tracking
Marker mode : object based features are ignored , markers are used as tracking features

General : best for smaller objects at 15 cm
Body : best for large objects at 25 cm

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Is there a big difference between fast scan en HAS? I don’t need that much of detail for the scan.

Fast scan have lower accuracy , so it process faster . You can try , the results will be like scanning with POP1 what in this case is not bad at all .

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Creating a “manual turntable” could also work (with a third person turning it while you scan). I’ve actually seen studios use this kind of setup.
Or a rotating stool.

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Of course it works , I mention already the rotating Stool , I also have lazy susan , different things for different purposes .

I never like the "walking around " type of scanning especially with people , people breathing, moving and never really stay completely still , so how quicker you can capture them how better your scan will be . Having electric turntable keep the person in equal motion while rotating , lazy susan or stool can shake a person easily and you have to start over again .
I was there doing it all , and after the cheap alternatives everyone ending with electric turntable anyway .


Yes!!! I finally did it. Although it’s not a perfect scan. I’m more than happy. I’ve captured 2 of the greatest loves in my love, my wife and baby to be born. Yes!

Revoscan, did a good job cleaning up. But there is some cleaning necessary. I’m going to use the revo software, but I cannot find any local brushingtool. Did I overlooked it, or should I use other software?

Walking around is tricky. I’ve backed the range premium (really happy I made my switch). Probably I’ll buy the gimbal aswell. I can image will make the job much more easy

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If you have some overlapped points that created artifacts , you can use Cloud Compare to automatic remove the parts from the point cloud , save it and mesh it back in Revo Studio .
There are no brushing tools since it is not a modeling software but just point cloud editing software.
For mesh editing you can use tools in Blender or Zbrush

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This one opened my eyes. Very helpful. I would love to see one of your tutorials about the functions in the Revo Studio.
That’s kinda sorcery for me

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Actually you can see video done by Revopoint about each functions and tools of Revo Studio .
Just check their YT channel.

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