[SOLVED ]POP / low FPS (1.6- 2) on a pro workstation

I’ve already tried everything, reading the topics, but couldn’t solve the FPS issue. I have a pro workstation (WRX80E motherboard, Threadripper Pro CPU, RTX 4080 GPU, 64 Gb RAM, many 3.2 USB ports) and the FPS is terribly slow, the average is 1.8 fps, which is unacceptable. I use the factory cables that came with the scanner, with the latest software. The scanner randomly turns off and only reconnects when I unplug it from the usb and restart Revo Scan. It’s not even better with a phone. What do you recommend to make it usable?

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It would s the issue with USB , and yes I have powerful PC and single cable don’t works either, however it works on my tablet PC .
I would suggest you try connecting with WiFi and check the Frame rate , or use the mobile split cable , USB A for power and USB to PC for data , I use it actually with extension cables 15ft and my frame rate is 12.4 Feature , 18 in Standard Body mode and 9.4 in marker mode as it should .

Let me know how the test turns out

Thanks for the answer, but I think that should work with the factory cable and connections. I tried what you suggested, no success.
The USB connector on the Pop scanner is the USB micro B type. Yes, I can plug in the USB A, but nothing happens. No wifi signal, after enabling the POP hotspot with the password 12345678. I don’t see the pop network on any device. Tried with the previous Handy Scan and the new Revo Scan5 on pc and Android too.
The LED of the pop is green, its power supply is 2.4 A.

The Host button is inactive, so the only way to scan via USB with the factory cable.

And here is the FPS screenshot

Yes that is correct , POP only works with 2.4Ghz hotspot .
Still if your USB is shutting down back and forth it is not related to the device or the software .
I suspect there is something else going on .

I will move your case to customer support and tag @Revopoint3D-Gena and @Revopoint-Agnes , one of them will check on your thread with future assistance .
It is possible you need firmware update and that can be done with POP only with the assistance of the customer service.

@Zoltan We can help to upgrade the firmware first, do you have time for an online meeting? Please send us an email to customer@revopoint3d.com with this forum link, and we will arrange an online meeting with you.

Thank you, email was sent to customer@.

Big thanks to Revopoint customer service for firmware update and support! Now the POP makes around 8 FPS!

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