[Solved] Download all models at once

Why can’t I “share” or move all the models at once?

When I chose one the options is there to Save to Drive for my google drive, why can’t it do more than one at a time?


I was wrong… can’t even save one.

How do we get the files off our phones?

What version of Android? Some older versions don’t play well with Google Drive…

Hello, you can not and all files once, . But you can use USB to computer to copy all files once on your computer

I have the same problem when I email from phone to computer. A continuing botheration.


*** EDIT ***
I was finally able to upload a file to Google Drive from my phone and download it to my computer, but there were three problems (well, maybe 2 and a half problems because you should always expand notifiers):

  1. The transfer did not happen until after I reviewed my smartphone’s Notifications to see the ‘paused’ warning.
  2. I had to click on the downward-pointing angle (looks like a ‘v’) to expand the notification, at which time I saw a “Resume” button. Clicking that is what actually got the file uploaded.
  3. The notifier said that two files were being uploaded (didn’t name them), but only one ended up on Google Drive. I was able to download that.
    *** EDIT ***

I cannot use either Google Drive or Dropbox to send a file to their respective cloud servers.

After HandyScan reports that the file has been uploaded, Drive just says, “Waiting for Wi-Fi”. This occasional problem with Google Drive is known, but solutions have been available for years; unfortunately, none of them work for me.


Hi @eAddict

We updated the Android version to solve this problem, please check this post: [Updated on Sep 24, 2021] The Updated Android Version of Handy Scan _2.7.3

For the multiple sharing feature, we will add it in the next version.

Best Regards