[Solved] Android App in Play Store

It’s been over two days but the Handy Scan app is not in the Play Store yet as per the update email.

Hi, @TheRev, could you please share a screenshot with us? Because my colleague tested and can find it is at the Top 1 when searching “Revopoint” , and at the Top 5 when searching “Handy Scan”

If you can’t find it, click this link to have a try: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.revopoint3d.handyscan

Looks like you have it locked to a certain country/region.

Hi, @TheRev Thanks for your info. May I know which country are you located in?

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USA, but I tried it VPNed from several other countries as well

same here (Switzerland). locked if looking for it with your link, otherwise it doesn’t show up at all when searching.

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Hi, @ivan @TheRev, Can you try again now? I told my colleague to adjust it just now.

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Hi @Revopoint3D-Cassie, still no good in Switzerland. Search gives no results and link indicates it is not available in our country :sob:

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@Nebulus Sorry, maybe it also need the approve from Google side. I will keep an eye and let you know once it is available.

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same problem from Germany. I cannot use the download either. It just gives me the message “file not found”.

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Just tested the download link from here, works perfectly.

In case of, here are the direct link:

thank you, the Problem was my APK-Installer which pointed to a wrong version.

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With pleasure :slight_smile: Glad to have helped you

Good now in Switzerland :grinning:


Just downloaded Form Play Store in Germany.:+1:

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Can confirm that I can now download from Play Store in USA.
Also just got my shipping notification. I received it last week.

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Hello All,
today I have open the app with my LGv30 from play store. Nice
Case#2 closed for me.


thanks for your report, so, I think problems solved, I will close the topic :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem. The Play store does not allow me to see the HS app. It says I have no compatible devices. However, I am running the Android apk on my phone without issue.

I have the version that was made available on the forum.

Hi @Bman

May I know what phone are you using? Can you share the spec of it?

Btw, which version of Handy Scan are you using now?

Best Regards