Smartphone Scan Problem

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and I am having trouble scanning with it; everything goes fine (using wifi; the phone doesn’t generate enough juice to use USB) until I click ‘New Scan’ - I get nothing from the projector. The scanner works great with my laptop, but not with my phone. I know I’m missing something, but I don’t know what. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think you have the answer

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Could you post a screenshot of what is displayed after you click ‘New Scan’, please?

Make sure the POP is connected to power bank if your phone do not support OTG
But your phone should have no problem with connecting via USB , it has enough juice .
To check that the software version of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 supports USB OTG you will have to check the box of the phone for a USB logo with green below written “On-The-Go”, there is a good chance your phone supports it.
Your phone battery is big enough to support it , after connected to USB change the setting in the app to USB , plug in and out again .
I can’t find any reason why it don’t work , download the last version of Revo Scan app from Google Play store.