Short video of the smearing I am seeing

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I have put up a short video showing one of the things I am seeing when trying to get a scan. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

First thing I would try is a black cloth over the frame at the back of the table. The other thing is not to allow it to do more than one rotation of the turntable for each vertical position of the scanner

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There is another thing I found though, is that sometimes the scan looks very bad but when you hit complete the finished scan can look better, but not always.

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Like Gbo already said: put a black cloth/cardboard/plastic sheet behind the object so that no background is in the scan area.
Iā€™m not sure whether this is technically correct, but this is my understanding: the scanner needs to know somehow how it moves in relation to the scanned object. This can be done with either of two ways:

  • The scanner moves, and all objects do not move.
  • The scanner is fixed, and all the object(s) to be scanned are moving in the same way, usually on a turntable.
    The situtation you create when you have an object on the turntable and static objects in the background is confusing and results in background objects treated as if they were also moving.
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Put some helpers on that black Area, like dryshampoo. Cover the Area behind the turntable with something black.
If you dont wanna use anything on the black part, you have to scan it twice and remesh it. First in feature or face mode and then in black mode.
You have to understand, black and reflective parts are very hard for the scanner. And in your case, the scanner gets confused with the background.

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