Shipping speed?

Hey guys, Kinda talking about this in another post… But I ordered online the 24th not realizing it was straight from china shipping, and that I could have had Amazon deliver it last Wednesday.

I contacted Support, and they were quick to get me a tracking number and asked for patience in shipping instead of me canceling. But now a week has gone by and it still hasn’t left their facility.

I am starting to find the horror stories of waiting two months plus to ship.

Is Revopoint getting scanners out the door? or should I be more forceful and insist to cancel with home base and buy from Amazon store instead? I believe the website had said 5 day shipping… :frowning:

@Elfmaze I told you before to cancel and order it from Amazon if you don’t want to wait , POP2 was released on March 16 so what 2 months shipping horror story you talking about , it was probably from Kickstarters, Kickstarter is not a store . I got my stuff in 5 days after I got my tracking number what was FedEx .
There was shipment arranged before they left for Holidays what happening via warehouse not Revopoint office . After custom clearance it will be picked up the the carrier and tracking number updated , since Fedex do not work in holidays time what official started today until the May 5th there may be some delays .

Nobody can make here decisions for you , if you listen to me you would have the scanner today already . They will be back on May 4 in the office since they are 12 h ahead of EST .
The website means 5 days shipment once it is shipped not 5 days after placing an order , that are 2 different things .

You waiting already 1 week and since they already shipped they probably can’t cancel it now since there is nobody in the office to do so and the package may be already in the customs .
Wait until Thursday and if nothing moved contact the Customer service again .

Nobody can help you here in the forum with that and @Revopoint3D-Cassie is back on Thursday evening .

I did reach out to them about cancellation immediately after we talked. They asked me not to, and that it was boxed and ready to go, so as to not disrupt the shipping dept I let it ride, it just didn’t actually ship(at least not last week)… I’m just a bit spooked and was looking for some reassurance that it will get moving in a reasonable time. Or at least to know a time frame to expect from other people getting theirs.

This isn’t a $5 hat I ordered from Wish that I am willing to forget about for four months. It’s kind of a big purchase that I need to be sure actually makes it.

Their website product page said 5-7 working days to arrive, I now see burried in the FAQ thats more like 15 to 20days. So I’m not completely off in wondering what happened and to start looking into it.

I took them at their word that it was going to get moving, and it didn’t. Didn’t know about the kickstart stuff and all until this week… So I’m still catching up.

Like I said… just a bit spooked
Thanks again Pop

Looks like it left the warehouse today. I’ll update when it gets to country.

Nice, tomorrow is the last day of the holidays so things will be back to “normal” You should have your package not late than on Monday .

Once it leave the warehouse it usually takes 5 days for delivery .

Weekly update, Oddly Got an email from Revopoint yesterday saying order shipped and they sent an invoice… But tracking number they gave has it being delivered and measured on the 3rd of May and no movement since. It appears to be stuck in ShaTian

Well my package from Revo was picked up yesterday in Hong Kong after stuck for over 10 days and was already this morning in NY customs preparing for delivery on Friday so 5 days .

ShaTian is not far from Hong Kong so things may move for you soon.

Where in the states are you? I’m in Pittsburgh PA

I am in NYC , but my package was arranged to be picked up in Hong Kong before the holidays they had, and I did not ordered POP2

For a fact I know Revopoint send out new batches of POP2 from the warenhauses yesterday

Yeah each week they seem to send me “great news! your shipping info has been updated!” emails…

But per tracking its still sitting in a warehouse in ShaTian since the 3rd.

Super regrets for not pushing the cancelation/amazon route

I got my package in 4 days after it was picked up .
Sorry to hear about your delay .

I would not wait if I was you, and resolve the issue with the Customer service