Shipping canceled

I decided to buy POP2, because of the preorder promise, to ship at the end of April, wait until the end of April to send an email to revopoint, to ask about the status of my purchase,

revopoint states that the shipping dates for advance purchases end on February 28, 2022 and that my shipment is made the first week of March,
It’s very good, I hope
At the end of March I received an email with a FEDEX tracking number, I was very happy, and as the days went by the shipment was canceled by the sender

I get in touch with revopoint and they answer me with a joke that it was canceled because my data is incorrect, it’s ok I correct the shipping data and wait a few days for the arrival of an email with my new tracking number,
by not getting an email, we contact the revopion team again,
and they tell me that my shipment will be sent soon because they ran out of stock of equipment due to the success that POP2 has had, I am really happy to hear, what I do not understand is
If there is no POP2 stock why do I keep receiving advertising emails saying
"We’re not sure if you got the previous update on POP2 scanners in March about how fast and limited our numbers are getting. So here’s a quick update.

33 POP2 scanners remain and can be shipped in early April as soon as payment is complete.

Shipping is fast and reliable.
Be the first of the 33 units left.
Speed ​​is of the essence, take another look now!

I made the purchase of a POP2 as an investment in a tool, not as a gadget,
I really feel that revopoinot makes fun of me, for continuing to accept orders from a team that they do not have in stock,

I don’t know whether to make a cancellation and refund of the payment
wait for revopoint to send me the POP2 when he wants,

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Why is this a topic on the forum - this should all be handled with customer service, or support.

Viking how can you suggest that non-delivery is an issue that should remain secret if customer service does not resolve issues, or when customer services does not respond to messages?

We ordered and paid in the first few days of January. We also immediately put our Pop1 scanner on eBay and sold it at a great loss, because we wanted the better model, trusting REVOPOINT’s advertisement that it would be shipped in February.

11 days ago we were mailed a tracking number, but the tracking number is invalid and can’t be tracked. Message about this was send to customer support, but we have received no answer.

And now through FARFAN’s post we learn that REVOPOINT has sold goods without having shippable number of goods??

It surprises me why VikingELS would want the information to remain secret that REVOPOINT promises goods but does not have scanners that are actually available for sale and shipping?

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I support origpad, this IS really problem with shipping. I`m from Russia and waiting from start of Feb, and I see, the problem much more bigger than I thought. I cant imaging, how much long will wait yet my order. Support services very slowly and feedbackless

WHAT customer service? Have you looked at the kickstarter comments section lately?

It’s NOT a matter of keeping your grievances secret, it’s that NOBODY here can help you!!

I asked for my refund and they applied it to me, now I bought a POP2 from a friend in my country, the success of the COVID wave in China is unfortunate but it is not fair to play with customers in this way, I hope that with the launch of the POPs MINI, There are no such complications and they are more professional

There is zero policy when it get about Covid 19 lock down in China , I guess you just have no idea , so what is not fair and who is playing with the customers ? how ignorant of you to even say that ! you have no idea how many business go down because of that.

You can still order POP1 and POP2 direct from Amazon the next day delivery is available , at least in USA

You could be right :grin:

Damn… Did I screw up? I ordered from the website… I didn’t realize I could get it from Amazon. I think I may have put myself into shipping hell?

Revopoint has online store at Amazon US , next day delivery with prime , 30 days money back guarantee

I contacted Support and asked if I should cancel a few days ago… They assured me that it was packed up and ready to go and asked if i’d be willing to wait. They gave me a tracking number… but I can’t figure out what shipper it is for and the tracking app still says “ordered”

Google it then you will find out … what carrier it is , just put the tracking number in the search

Usually works, but not with what she gave me

Hopefully it doesn’t get held up till next year

You need to check with the customer support and ask what kind of carrier they used , usually they shipping with Fedex .

still waiting on a reply for mine which is still sitting saying unfulfilled… they use crealitys lizard as a laughable scape goat for it being unknown and they can have you one in 3 to 5 shipping days… but the fact is creality is posting emails saying shipments for it will be enroute in days and im sitting here wondering if revo will answer and get moving

if you have issues please contact the customer service , nobody can resolve your issues here .
China has a labor day holidays until May 4 starting yesterday , they will be back at work on May 5.
But the customer service is still working .
You should made an order on Amazon, you would have it the day after .

And I ask you friendly to stay away from politics

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I backed both the revopoint pop 2scanner and the creality CR scan lizard projects.

The difference being.

I am happily using my revopoint pop 2 scanner and creality CR-scan lizard project sits in limbo.

I’ve also seen a lot of side by side scans and the Revopoint pop 2 is producing way better scans.

Here is one example

And from what I’ve seen creality has been blatant plagiarists when it came to tagging on to the Revopoint pop 2 advertising campaign.

Then creality is Kickstarter got shut down for copyright infringement.

Which is because Artec sued them copyright infringement

“The Creality CR Scan uses the same patented structured light pattern as the Artec Eva.”

Kind of hilarious cuz the Artec Eva scanner was released in 2012.

IMO Creality has No Credibility

@TinWhisperer I wonder why everyone binding POP2 with Lizard or Creality , beside Creality stealing Revopoint promotional videos idea and plagiarize it all to each second of it for own gain , they also stolen partial software and patent for their early scanner , for me that are criminals , I canceled my pledge for Lizard before this happen as I saw the lawsuit in the news , I knew it gonna blows everything .
But let’s not getting deeper in this situation , there is plenty of angry creality customers that don’t want to support frauds , talking about will only adds more wood to the fire .

Remember the forum’s rules, No politics !

It is the comparison that’s Revopoint makes almost at the top of their page for the POP2 listing.

It’s model in the CR-xx above

And Creality did the same

Look at the physical dimensions or weight, seems close

They both launch with in months of each other.

I think it’s fair to compare these items.

But I can let this topic rest to preserve the peace.

Not sure how this is political in nature?