Setting point pitch in Revo scan

Is there an easier way to set point pitch in Revo Scan ?
I find it impossible to move the slider in increments of 0.01mm. It jumps from 0.10 to 0.17 and I can’t seem to set it to anything inbetween !!??

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My jumps too , I wish they fix it finally .
It is how the software is set , nothing wrong on your side.


Just noticed that if I change the DPI setting on my mouse to the lowest, I can set the pitch point in increments of 0.02mm or 0.03mm which is slightly better but not perfect.
If Revopoint staff are reading this, please flag this up to the developers to be fixed in a future update.


Please report it under the Revo Scan bug report section. It may helps grab the attention directly .
I reported it directly to the programmers so many times already since I was beta tester for the last software release , but still not changes .
My pitch point jumps from 0.02 to 0.04 then to 0.07-0.09-0.11 every 2 steps when using MINI . It is even impossible to fuse it at 0.1mm precisely.

Hi friend, please try to click the slider bar(not the point) to adjust in increments of 0.01mm


Yeah, that works. Thanks Jeremy. :+1:

That’s new, thanks for the tip Jeremy!