Second pop scanner shipped by mistake

Did anyone else seemingly have a second pop scanner skipped to them by mistake? Mine arrived a few weeks back (signed up early in the Kickstarter) and I got another invoice and separate FedEx tracking for another unit. I don’t intend on accepting our paying for it does arrive. Just curious if this happened to anyone else?

I did but assume it’s delayed tracking info for the first one. I never got an email for that so I’m guessing it’s a system catching up with prior systems.

Hmm, yeah, maybe that’s all it is. Oddly, there is tracking that implies a whole new shipment is en route.

I received an email on May 14 for another order and shipment I never placed. Not sure if its a hack or just late very late emails for my older order.

Looked like back dated invoices and some bad tracking email i nver got the first time and it just turned up and this tracking email was mssing

I got similar. Late tracking emails a week after and now several more weeks afterwards.
More disconcertingly, they sent me an invoice for a second unit. So, it sounds like they’re having tracking and invoice issues on their back end.

I got an invoice and tracking number last week. Got mine in April. Checked the tracking number and it was for the one I already received.

I got one of these emails yesterday and they mention something about having to ship batteries separately so maybe it’s battery packs or batteries for the lamp if you got that accessory.

This is the official answer from revopoint for my case.
please read all thread about the details.

Hi, @dmcavinue @Lamsonk @Engpete @Stu @TheRev @scaleflyer @GibDTD
Sorry for making you misunderstood.
The invoice is just a receipt for your previous order on KS, please don’t worry. If you don’t need it, just ignore that email.

I’ve actually received three extra emails with tracking numbers (making it a total of four that I’ve received now)

  • The original email when my POP first shipped.
  • The extra invoice for my POP that went out recently.
  • Another extra invoice for a device that was shipped to Hong Kong (I’m in the US, so definitely not mine)
  • Another extra tracking number that FedEx has no information for.

I think I got someone else’s tracking number by mistake.

Edit: Updating numbers because I just got another one…

Yup. I’ve only had one actual invoice but 3 shipping emails with tracking numbers that aren’t mine. All came after I actually received the POP.

I’ve had three notices of my scanner being shipped to me but actually received it a week before the first notice arrived… and a receipt from FedEx for the import duty…

I got a second shipping notification with a tracking number, but it was sent to somewhere in Germany. I hope whoever receives it was expecting it.

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I received a call from customs regarding a FedEx shipping number with a status that is still “no information available”.

I received an email with a different tracking number with a destination in another country.

After a written request I finally received a third tracking number and - just a day later - also the scanner.

So there seems to be some sort of information hiccup …

Are you sure it’s a second scanner? They had to split some deliveries that included a powerbank, as the shipping regulations for LiPo batteries require special documentation.

I haven’t seen my scanner or separately-ordered LED light yet.

My backer number is 3903, the Fedex tracking number indicates delivery in France. I’m in Kentucky USA…

I got a shipping notice dated May 25, which made me wonder, but at the bottom of the notice it says
Items in this shipment
Bonus × 1

So I think it is one of the offered bonuses.
Edit: no, I plugged the number into USPS tracker, and it was for the original scanner, sent a month after original delivery. But at least I now have a delivery confirmation.