Scans taking too long to generate

Hi all,

I need some help. I have recently taking up 3D printing as a hobby. I am having problems with the computer I am using.

The equipment I am using is:

POP Scanner
Lenovo RYAN 5 laptop 8GB Ram

I scan my image, load it into mesh mixer but my laptop is taking a very long time to generate the scan and when I remesh it, it too takes a very long time.

Before I go out and buy a computer which could experience the same issue I was hoping someone could help me on why this is happening. Is my ram too low for the scanner?

I’d appreciate any advice!

Why haven’t you tried it using somebody else’s computer?

How long it too long? 5 seconds, a minute, an hour?

How big is the scan? Number of points.

Do you mean Ryzen, not Ryan?

Hi @Freddyd

How many frames did you scan? I guess it may be because you scanned too many frames?

Please also consider the suggestions & questions from @Codejockey @banonay. I think they are helpful.

I would take a look at your memory usage while the program is running. 8GB is not a lot for any sort of CAD or video programs. You could also look at the hard drive and make sure you get at least a SSD but even better would be NVME. Most normal laptops can have a regular SSD put in which helps with hard drive access speeding up.

If you look up your model number you should be able to find out if you can add more memory or not and also about the hard drive. If you can’t figure it out just post the model number of yours and I can help you.

If you want a new laptop then I would go for at least 16gb ram and no less than a standard SSD but the NVME would be even better. I would not go below the i5 (usually most new laptops will be above generation 7) or the Ryzen 5 for the CPU.