Scanning Workflow – Wizard/Adaptative Profiles

Hi there,

Although I haven’t had the chance to get my unit yet I’ve been reading through comments and watching results, some being very good and others, well, not usable, and thought that might be due to settings/environment…

Typically, it is said that ‘Face’ scan profile gives the best resolution, and on the other hand for dark objects you have to use the ‘Dark’ profile.

Well my suggestions would be,

Option 1 (for a start)

A wizard, with a few steps of questions/example objects, that would then decide on the appropriate profile to use and accompanied with tips or so

Option 2 (ultimately/ideally)

An ‘Adaptative’ Profile, that would adjust settings on the fly, for instance trying to scan with best resolution, and during the process, adapt (brightness, gain, etc…) and continue scanning until all is scanned (or we decide so), that would imply the possibility that settings are changed during scan process (I don’t know if this is possible at this stage as I couldn’t try yet), so we’d end up with a good resolution where possible, and maybe, a bit less on more difficult parts, but at least with everything scanned. That mode would be perfect for the turntable, (the longer you scan, the better the result?)


Software is really gonna be key, some example show amazing results and there need to be a broader community to test and give feedback. Iterative/adaptative scanning and so, the software needs to take the work from the user for it to really become a ‘consumer’ product as far as I can see (from those who received the unit)

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It would be great for the profile to change on the fly, so you can do a face scan and get the face/neck/shoulders as high resolution as possible, and then have it change to dark mode to do the facial hair and head hair etc if its dark. I am having a hard time getting a usable scan due to them needing mixed modes. I am going to be trying doing 2 scans and merging them in the software, but I dont like my changes of it going smoothly without overlapping ‘errors’.


Exactly How I see it too :smile: let’s put weight on this, and hope the devs will come up with something great (maybe even before I get my unit… )

I agree, presets would be awesome. Especially if they’re a text format that people can easily edit and share.


Yep, shareable presets per text config file seems a good approach (that you could import and add to a list of presets from HandyScan)

Hi @Nebulus Sorry for late reply, I just notice this post. Thank you for your feedback, I will transfer it to our product team.
As for the question - the longer you scan, the better the result?
The answer is No.

From my experience so far, the Auto gain features and things just don’t work, everything sets to 1 regardless. Setting it to manual and turning gain to 3 for the black and white improved outcomes dramatically.

Auto and Manual will not activate in Face mode, for instance. Have you tried different modes?