Scanning with POP2

Hi all,

Recently I have acquired POP2 scanner.
looking to scanner specs it seems a very nice and easy to use scanner. But, unfortunately real life is showing me a different perspective.

It as been very very hard to scan. Or is because the room light, or material is (supposedly) too reflective, or artificial intelligence of scanner app is not smart enough.
Accuracy is bad. 3D scanning has been hell in last days.
User Manual is also not helping much. Also did read some of this forums threads and actually this has been a very very difficult to have good results.

Do you have any good tips to have better performance with POP2 scanner?


From the research I’ve done, it helps to control ambient lighting and have dark surfaces surrounding the object to absorb light that is scattering.

Also, I have heard that the MINI is sensitive to LED lighting in the room…(vs. Incandescent) and can interfere with good scans. I’m not sure if that is a blue laser issue only or if the POP2 might also be affected… but you could experiment with your surrounding lights and quickly figure out if they are contributing to poor scan results.

Good Luck. Maybe post up a screenshot of the types of results you get? People seem to be really good at diagnosing issues once they have an image to look at.


It would help us help you if you posted some pictures of the objects you want to scan and your setup.

Hi All,

Here are some pictures of the object (original, scanned and printed)


@nunix you should have better scanning results than you showing here with POP2.
It looks indeed very low resolution like you scanned it and meshed with a phone .

Lots of details are lost .
Do you have the original fused point cloud ? Usual it is called "fuse "

Send it my way to
I will check for you .

You should have almost ideal results while scanning this object .

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