Scanning objects with gaps in the middle

Hey all.

I am new to 3d scanning.

I want to scan a whole human, head to toe.

Will the POP handle this well?
How would I do between the legs etc?
How do I get the black bits I.e. hair eye brows? (Can I stitch 2 3d images together? - 1 shot in dark mode?)
Which mode is the best mode?


Body mode is specifically designed to do just what you want, but scanning between someone’s legs or fingers or toes would be impossible because they tend to touch or just be too close together unless splayed into a rare (uncomfortable?) position.

You could try experimenting with scanning hands in Feature mode to see how Handy Scan and Handy Studio deal with the fingers. Some third party software might do a better job.

Hey Jeff.
Thanks for the response.
I thought legs maybe easier if they stood with a wider stance.
Played with my hand earlier and just couldn’t get it right.

I can’t seem to find Handy Studio to dl. Handy scan is available.

I didn’t realise 3rd party apps could work with the POP?

Handy Studio is only available for Windows. It is included in the installation package for Handy Scan.

They don’t work with the POP directly, but they do work with the files that Handy Scan and Handy Studio export.

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