Scanning Issues - Run away point cloud

So I have my Revopoint Pop 2 and I started to try a scan and got some well interesting results. My point cloud just ran away and won’t align. I put some markers on the part and it says that there are not enough markers even though I have 3 of the markers visible in the scan it doesn’t detect them. Does it possibly have something to do with the fact that I’m trying to scan something that is a dark color and that’s what is causing this?

Also I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for the best dots to buy?

For features type of objects you need a lot of markers around the object to keep tracking on the whole 360 degrees rotation , and usually it is a lot of markers .

If you object is small you can add any other elements to the scene for support .
What you experienced is lose tracking ,

I don’t know the dimension of the object but if it is smaller just put some other small objects around , it will help you keep the tracking .

Also black plastic or very dark is not the best choice for scanning , neither is metal , wax, resin , etc … reflective objects will mess up the scanning process as well

3D structured light scanner relay on object features for tracking , without it , it can’t scan proper , that’s just the way this type of scanner works .

It refused to detect the dots though…there were 3 or 4 visible and instead of picking them up as tracking marks it was showing them as a hole in the part. Is that because it was a dark color?

Yes , it will leave hole in the mesh , but you can mesh it and close the holes .
However I prefer to use additional elements or markers on s plate in place of sticking to the surface , but sometimes you just have no option .

Can you post a picture of what you trying to scan with a dimension ?
I may able to give you some idea to better scan it .

The markers replacing the features of the object , it only works if the white dot is on a black background, so the ring around the dots will not be scanned since it is dark on purpose .

I’m trying to scan a furniture leg. I’ve got it narrowed down to 4 or 5 seperate scans. Now i have an issue with the extra features from my table top.

Basically I’m reverse engineering furniture products to develop the engineering for a company that has no engineering documents and a small budget. I’ve ended using my personal scanner that I am learning how to use.

Alright well I have an idea of doing one scan…cutting the table top off…and doing multiple scans and stitch them together to get a clean model. The end goal is to get a solid model from this and then go from there for holes ect needed.

You can try to use Head mode or Body mode , it will give you bigger FOV less tracking needed , however because of the nature of the geometry , you need to add some additional elements around it that you can delete later in Revo Studio

You can even take a big piece of a paper crumble it and put on top the leg , the paper will support the tracking point needed to complete it and avoid to spin .

If I was scanning this part I would have the black plastic bag that comes with the scanner under the object then turn up the gain to be able to detect the object, because the table is white you will have problems detecting the object correctly, some scanning spray or powder on the object will also help, and as PUTV has mentioned other objects placed around the part to help with tracking is a big help,

Another option is place a wrinkled up blanket or towel underneath the object with the object raised up a little on something, keep the blanket in the view as you scan (body mode probably best, bigger FOV ) this will help with tracking, when you are done with one side save it and use Revo Studio to clip out the blanket which should be easy as the part is raised up from the blanket, turn the part and do another scan then you can use Revo Studio or Cloud Compare to align your scans