Scanning bottle

Hello everybody,

I’ve just received the mini and a print already some small items. (The test with the white head, and a small piece of a backing product.
But we buy this scanner for scanning bottles and glasses. These are products that is difficult to draw and when I make an 3D scan, I converted to a 2D file and the I can cut this out with my laser machine.
I’ve buy a 3D scanner spray from aesub (white)
But before I want to use this spray I tested the bottle himself .
When I use the handheld position is a total failure.
If i use the axis turntable it’s turning around 1 time but I can’t scan the whole bottle (the scanner don’t recognise the full bottle because of the distance. If you want some more information , please say it, i will try to give this.
I’m a newbie in 3D scanning but I’m hoping to learn a lot so I can bring only knowledges to a higher level.

Kind regards,

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Well if the bottles made out of glass it won’t see it.

And a bottle is fairly featureless so you’ll likely have to use marker mode or stack up a bunch of objects with features around your main object while you scan so it can track.

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Hello Tim,

Thx for your quick reply.
I try to scan the bottle from de 3D scannerspray itself.
What I say earlier, when I’m close to the bottle you can scan the top of it. But I want to scan the whole bottle. I hope I explain it right to you


I’m an amateur myself but you’re going to need to use marker mode or have other items that do have features around your item when you scan it.

Okay, if I understand it right, I need every time markers to scan a bigger object that not fitting in one time on the scanner?

Marker mode is needed when the object is fairly featureless. That is few or no distinct features that the software can use to keep its orientation.

Marker mode is used to provide those ‘features’ when scanning objects like that.

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Hello Barry,

Thx for tour reply.
So if I understand it right, I must make piles around the bottle or glass and between the piles I must scan the bottle / glass.
With markers on it offcourse.

You can avoid marker mode if you place some random small objects (Lego bricks work great) stuck with some blue tack on the turntable around the object being scanned. These objects need to be within view of scanner the whole time. These extra objects can be trimmed out of the scan later.

Search this forum for more advice. There are many posts that show how to do this.

Thx for your advise, but if I’m correct I have still the issue that the bottle/glass is to big for scanning it in one time.
I must handheld the Revo to scan the whole size of the bottle. So when I use Lego bricks (it’s a smart idea, indeed) I still have the issue. I try it but unfortunately it’s failed.
Maybe it’s easier to make a short movie if I explain my problem . My English is not so great :hushed: