Scanning a soccer ball outside

Since the scanner works by projecting an IR light pattern, putting an IR filter in front of the scanner would, I think, prevent it from working at all.

there are all kind of IR filters, some blocking only certain wavelengths. therefore it should be idealy be a filter passig through only POP’s IR wavelength(s). :thinking:

I have no specific knowledge of the POP’s internal architecture. But all scanners like this work in basically the same way so my statements should be applicable.

There are all sorts of wavelengths of light being reflected off the object, for sure. But the only wavelength of interest is the one that the scanner is looking for. If we block that so the sun’s reflection off the object isn’t visible, the same light the scanner is projecting is also blocked.

In all probability the depth camera has an IR filter. But one that passes only the wavelength of interest, vs. blocking it. It blocks all the other wavelengths except IR.

There’s no way to filter around the basic issue - the scanner can’t see well if at all if there’s another IR source at the same (or close) wavelength that’s brighter than the scanner. The sun is a terawatt light bulb. The scanner is milliwatts. There’s no contest. The scanner’s IR projection is simply lost in the noise.

Hi, @ivan, thanks for your suggestion, I will report it to product team.

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